Efficacy of a therapeutic bath with selected antiparasitic drugs on a Dactylogyrus anchoratus infection in juvenile common carp (Cyprinus carpio)


Kolarova J, Zuskova E, Velisek J (2022): Efficacy of therapeutic bath with selected antiparasitic drugs on a Dactylogyrus anchoratus infection in juvenile common carp (Cyprinus carpio). Vet Med-Czech 67, 620–627.

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The study aimed to assess the effects of a therapeutic bath of five different antiparasitic drugs, in different baths and durations: fenbendazole (25 mg l–1, 12 h and 2 × 12 h), formaldehyde (0.17 ml l–1, 15 min), ivermectin (0.031 mg l–1, 1 h), mebendazole (1 mg l–1, 12 h) and levamisole (50 mg l–1, 2 h and 3 × 1 h) on the reduction on the intensity and prevalence of a monogenean infection (Dactylogyrus anchoratus) in juvenile carp. The best effect on reducing the parasite number was achieved with the bath in formaldehyde (0.17 ml l–1, 15 min) and fenbendazole (25 mg l–1, 2 × 12 h with 24 h break), where the infection was reduced by more than 90%. Registered veterinary medicinal products (VMPs) with the active substance of fenbendazole can successfully replace the use of unregistered formaldehyde in the treatment of monogenean infections.

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