Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020)

No. 4

Authors Index of Volume 15

Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): III-IVdownload PDF

Index of Volume 15

Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): I-IIdownload PDF
Original Paper

Influences of a vermicompost application on the phosphorus transformation and microbial activity in a paddy soil

Feng Zhang, Rongping Wang, Weimin Yu, Jiawei Liang, Xinrong Liao
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 199-210abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Potassium fractions in soil and simple K balance in long-term fertilising experiments

Jiří Balíkorcid , Martin Kulhánek, Jindřich Černý, Ondřej Sedlář, Pavel Suran
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 211-219abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Sponge effect of aerated concrete on phosphorus adsorption-desorption from agricultural drainage water in rainfall

Jinquan Zhang, Weiguo Fu
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 220-227abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Changes in the soil’s biological and chemical properties due to the land use

Eva Horáková, Lubica Pospíšilová, Vitězslav Vlček, Ladislav Menšík
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 228-236abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Potentially toxic metals and metalloids in surface water intended for human consumption and other uses in the Mantaro River watershed, Peru

María Custodioorcid , Daniel Álvarez, Walter Cuadrado, Raúl Montalvo, Salomé Ochoa
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 237-245abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Possibilities of including surface runoff barriers in the slope-length factor calculation in the GIS environment and its integration in the user-friendly LS-RUSLE tool

Jiří Brychta, Martina Brychtová
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 246-257abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Industrial zones and their benefits for society

Jaroslava Jankůorcid , Kristina Heřmanová, Josef Kozák, Jan Jehlička, Mansoor Maitah, Karel Němeček, Jan Vopravil, Daniel Toth, Karel Jacko, Tomáš Herza
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 258-272abstractdownload PDF

No. 3
Original Paper

A comparative assessment of the estimates of the saturated hydraulic conductivity of two anthropogenic soils and their impact on hydrological model simulations

Mouna Feki, Giovanni Ravazzani, Stefano Barontini, Alessandro Ceppi, Marco Mancini
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 135-147abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Concentrations and sources of persistent organochlorine residues in the sediments and soils from an industrially impacted area in Anhui, China

Jing Yang, Yunli Zhao, Quan Zhen, Xue Chen, Yuyuan Zhang
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 148-157abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The impact of the conservation tillage “maize into grass cover” on reducing the soil loss due to erosion

Eva Procházková, David Kincl, David Kabelka, Jan Vopravil, Pavel Nerušil, Ladislav Menšík, Vojtěch Barták
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 158-165abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Adsorption of selected azo dyes from an aqueous solution by activated carbon derived from Monotheca buxifolia waste seeds

Ruqia Nazir, Muslim Khan, Riaz Ur Rehman, Shaukat Shujah, Mansoor Khan, Mohib Ullah, Amir Zada, Nasir Mahmood, Irshad Ahmad
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 166-172abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Comparison of magnesium determination methods on Hungarian soils

Viktoria Vona, Csaba Centeri, Zsolt Giczi, Renato Kalocsai, Zsolt Biro, Gergely Jakab, Gabor Milics, Attila J. Kovacs
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 173-180abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The decomposition of standardised organic materials in loam and clay loam arable soils during a non-vegetation period

Monika Toleikiene, Ausra Arlauskiene, Andreas Fliesbach, Rashid Iqbal, Lina Sarunaite, Zydre Kadziuliene
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 181-190abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

13C-NMR spectroscopy of humic substances isolated from the agricultural soils of Puchuncavi (El Melón and Puchuncavi areas), central Chile

Ivan Alekseev, Evgeny Abakumov
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 191-198abstractdownload PDF

No. 2

Glomalin – an interesting protein part of the soil organic matter

Vítězslav Vlček, Miroslav Pohanka
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 67-74abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The laboratory calibration of a soil moisture capacitance probe in sandy soils

Marina Campora, Anna Palla, Ilaria Gnecco, Rossella Bovolenta, Roberto Passalacqua
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 75-84abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The impacts of a biochar application on selected soil properties and bacterial communities in an Albic Clayic Luvisol

Chengsen Zhao, Qingqing Xu, Lin Chen, Xiaoqing Li, Yutian Meng, Xiaowei Ma, Yuepei Zhang, Xibo Liu, Hongyan Wang
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 85-92abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Improvement of the chemical properties and buffering capacity of coastal sandy soil as affected by clays and organic by-product application

Fibrianty Minhal, Azwar Ma'as, Eko Hanudin, Putu Sudira
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 93-100abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Harmonisation of a large-scale historical database with the actual Czech soil classification system

Tereza Zádorová, Daniel Žížala, Vít Penížek, Aleš Vaněk
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 101-115abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Which quality indicators reflect the most sensitive changes in the soil properties of the surface horizons affected by the erosion processes?

Petra Bíla, Bořivoj Šarapatka, Ondřej Horňák, Jaroslava Novotná, Martin Brtnický
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 116-124abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Responses of soil microorganisms to land use in different soil types along the soil profiles

Erika Gömöryová, Gabriela Barančíková, Erika Tobiašová, Ján Halás, Rastislav Skalský, Štefan Koco, Dušan Gömöry
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 125-134abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material

No. 1
Original Paper

Impact of different fallow durations on soil aggregate structure and humus status parameters

Maksim Burdukovskii, Irina Kiseleva, Polina Perepelkina, Yuliya Kosheleva
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 1-8abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Estimation of soil erosion using USLE and GIS in the locality of Tzicatlacoyan, Puebla, México

Erika María López-García, Edgardo Torres-Trejo, Lucia López-Reyes, Ángel David Flores-Domínguez, Ricardo Darío Peña-Moreno, Jesús Francisco López-Olguín
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 9-17abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Using WaTEM/SEDEM and HEC-HMS models for the simulation of episodic hydrological and erosion events in a small agricultural catchment

Jana Konečná, Petr Karásek, Hana Beitlerová, Petr Fučík, Jiri Kapička, Jana Podhrázská, Tomáš Kvítek
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 18-29abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effective removal of heavy metals from water by activated carbon adsorbents of Albizia lebbeck and Melia azedarach seed shells

Mohib Ullah, Ruqia Nazir, Muslim Khan, Waliullah Khan, Mohib Shah, Sahib Gul Afridi, Amir Zada
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 30-37abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

An approach to identifying and evaluating the potential formation of ephemeral gullies in the conditions of the Czech Republic

Miroslav Dumbrovsky, Karel Drbal, Veronika Sobotková, Jana Uhrová
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 38-46abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Tillage and crop rotation effects on soil carbon and selected soil physical properties in a Haplic Cambisol in Eastern Cape, South Africa

Mxolisi Mtyobile, Lindah Muzangwa, Pearson Nyari Stephano Mnkeni
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 47-54abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Changes in a river’s regime of a watercourse after a small water reservoir construction

Rostislav Fiala, Jana Podhrázská, Jana Konečná, Josef Kučera, Petr Karásek, Pavel Zahradníček, Petr Štěpánek
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 55-65abstractdownload PDF

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