Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017)

No. 4


Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): I-IIdownload PDF
Original Paper

Use of terraces to reduce overland flow and soil erosion, comparison of the HEC-HMS model and the KINFIL model application

Darya Fedorová, Hana Bačinová, Pavel Kovář
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 195-201abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Spatial variability of soil potassium and its relationship to land use and parent material

Fevzi Akbas, Hikmet Gunal, Nurullah Acir
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 202-211abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Methane production potential of soil profile in organic paddy field

Mujiyo Mujiyo, Bambang Hendro Sunarminto, Eko Hanudin, Jaka Widada, Jauhari Syamsiyah
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 212-219abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Simulation study of anisotropic flow resistance of farmland vegetation

Shengtang Zhang, Yin Liu, Jingzhou Zhang, Yuanchen Liu
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 220-228abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Assessment of soil heavy metal pollution in a former mining area – before and after the end of mining activities

Lenka Demková, Tomáš Jezný, Lenka Bobuľská
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 229-236abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Comparative study on microbial community structure across orchard soil, cropland soil, and unused soil

Cungang Cheng, Deying Zhao, Deguo Lv, Shuang Li, Guodong Du
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 237-245abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of treated sewage effluents on plant cover and soil at Wadi Al Rummah, Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia

Gamal E. B. El Ghazali, Abdul Rahman A. Al-Soqeer, Wail E. Abdalla
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 246-253abstractdownload PDF

No. 3
Original Paper

Comparison of water regimes of two dump catchments in the Krušné hory Mts. (Czech Republic) in dry years using a hydrological balance

Jan Gregar, Pavel Kovář, Hana Bačinová, Tereza Bažatová
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 137-143abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Tillage-induced wind erosion in semi-arid fallow lands of Central Anatolia, Turkey  

Mustafa Başaran, Oğuzhan Uzun, Sema Kaplan, Fatih Görmez, Gunay Erpul
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 144-151abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evaluating soil water content data monitored at different locations in a vineyard with regard to irrigation control

Reinhard Nolz, Willibald Loiskandl
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 152-160abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evolution of sandy soils within deflation hollows in shifting areas of sand – a case study from the Błędów Desert (Poland)

Magdalena Gus, Marek Drewnik
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 161-169abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The influence of tillage and crops on particle size distribution of water-eroded soil sediment on Stagnosol

Ivica Kisić, Igor Bogunović, Darija Bilandžija
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 170-176abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Comparing measurements, 7Be radiotracer technique and process-based erosion model for estimating short-term soil loss from cultivated land in Northern Germany

Detlef Deumlich, Abhinand Jha, Gerald Kirchner
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 177-186abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Impact of overland flow on soil characteristics in Třebsín experimental plots

Hana Bačinová, Pavel Kovář
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 187-193abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Original Paper
Comparison of different approaches to LS factor calculations based on a measured soil loss under simulated rainfall.
M. Hrabalíková, M. Janeček
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 69-77abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of temperature and soil pH on the sorption of ibuprofen in agricultural soil
E. Hiller, M. Šebesta
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 78-85abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Distribution and accumulation of heavy metals in sediments of the northern part of mangrove in Hara Biosphere Reserve, Qeshm Island (Persian Gulf)
R. ZareZadeh, P. Rezaee, R. Lak, M. Masoodi, M. Ghorbani
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 86-95abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of field performance of BEST aeolian sediment catcher in sandy-loam soil of arid zone of Turkey
M. Başaran, O. Uzun, G. Erpul
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 96-105abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Splash erosion in maize crops under conservation management in combination with shallow strip-tillage before sowing
V. Brant, M. Kroulík, J. Pivec, P. Zábranský, J. Hakl, J. Holec, Z. Kvíz, l. Procházka
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 106-116abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of discrepancies in spatial distribution of rainfall erosivity in the Czech Republic caused by different approaches using GIS and geostatistical tools
J. Brychta, M. Janeček
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 117-127abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of windbreaks on wind speed reduction and soil protection against wind erosion
D. Řeháček, T. Khel, J. Kučera, J. Vopravil, M. Petera
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 128-135abstractdownload PDF

No. 1


Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): -download PDF
Original Paper
Spatial differentiation of ecosystem risks of soil pollution in floodplain areas of the Czech Republic
J. Skála, R. Vácha, J. Hofman, V. Horváthová, M. Sáňka, J. Čechmánková
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 1-9abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluations of the effects of soil properties and electrical conductivity on the water content reflectometer calibration for landfill cover soils
K. Kim, J. Sim, T.-H. Kim
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 10-17abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of water features proximity on farmland prices in a landlocked country: the consequences for planning
P. Sekáč, M. Šálek, A. Wranová, P. Kumble, P. Sklenička
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 18-28abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Land suitability analysis for rice cultivation using a GIS-based fuzzy multi-criteria decision making approach: central part of Amol District, Iran
Z. Maddahi, A. Jalalian, M.M. Kheirkhah Zarkesh, N. Honarjo
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 29-38abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of row width on splash erosion and throughfall in silage maize crops
V. Brant, P. Zábranský, M. Škeříková, J. Pivec, M. Kroulík, L. Procházka
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 39-50abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Erosion Potential Method (Gavrilović method) sensitivity analysis
N. Dragičević, B. Karleuša, N. Ožanić
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 51-59abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Growth and development of pistachio seedling root at different levels of soil moisture and compaction in greenhouse conditions
D. Zarehaghi, M.R. Neyshabouri, M. Gorji, R. Hassanpour, A. Bandehagh
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 60-66abstractdownload PDF
Obituary notice
prof. Ing. Dr. Miroslav Kutílek, DrSc.
S. Matula
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 67-68download PDF

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