Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016)

No. 4
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): -download PDF
Original Paper
Pendimethalin degradation in soil and its interaction with soil microorganisms
M. Kočárek, H. Artikov, K. Voříšek, L. Borůvka
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 213-219abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The influence of type and dosage of exogenous organic matter on chosen biochemical soil properties
P. Bílá, B. Šarapatka, L. Čáp
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 220-227abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Losses of soluble forms of organic carbon in relation to different agro-technical treatment of meadows
I. Burzyńska
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 228-234abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Contamination characteristics of the confluence of polluted and unpolluted rivers – range and spatial distribution of contaminants of a significant mining centre (Kutná Hora, Czech Republic)  
J. Horák, M. Hejcman
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 235-243abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper
The influence of woven geotextiles on ponding time and overland flow
J. Kořínek, O. Nekardová, P. Kovář
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 244-249abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Survey of soil water distribution in a vineyard and implications for subsurface drip irrigation control  
R. Nolz, W. Loiskandl, G. Kammerer, M.L. Himmelbauer
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 250-258abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Labile forms of carbon and soil aggregates
E. Tobiašová, G. Barančíková, E. Gömöryová, J. Makovníková, R. Skalský, J. Halas, Š. Koco, Z. Tarasovičová, J. Takáč, M. Špaňo
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 259-266abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Application of historical and recent aerial imagery in monitoring water erosion occurrences in Czech highlands
M. Báčová, J. Krása
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 267-276abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of rainfall data on the uncertainty of flood simulation
A. Walega, L. Ksiazek
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 277-284abstractdownload PDF

No. 3
Original Paper
Investigation of the effect of soil mineral composition on soil organic matter stability
N. Czirbus, T. Nyilas, B. Raucsik, M. Hetényi
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 147-154abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Estimation of land loss in the Czech Republic in the near future  
J. Janků, O. Jakšík, J. Kozák, A.M. Marhoul
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 155-162abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Linking selected soil properties to land use and hillslope – A watershed case study in the Ethiopian Highlands  
H. Addis, A. Klik, T. Oweis, S. Strohmeier
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 163-171abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Environmental implications of animal wastes pollution on agricultural soil and water quality  
C.O. Akinbile, A.E. Erazua, T.E. Babalola, F.O. Ajibade
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 172-180abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Leaching effect of rainfall on soil under four-year saline water irrigation
G. Cucci, G. Lacolla, M.A. Mastro, G. Caranfa
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 181-189abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of tractor bias-ply tyre inflation pressure on stress distribution in silty loam soil
D. Filipovic, I. Kovacev, K. Copec, G. Fabijanic, S. Kosutic, S. Husnjak
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 190-195abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Estimated contribution of selected non-point pollution sources to the phosphorus and nitrogen loads in water bodies of the Vltava river basin
P. Rosendorf, P. Vyskoč, H. Prchalová, D. Fiala
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 196-204abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Hindcast of wind driven wave heights in water reservoirs
P. Pelikán, L. Koutný
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 205-211abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Original Paper
Estimating rainfall erositivity in semiarid regions. Comparison of expressions and parameters using data from the Guadalentín Basin (SE Spain)
J. Pérez-Sánchez, J. Senent-Aparicio
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 75-82abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The role of surface microreliefs in influencing splash erosion: A laboratory study
J. Wu, L. Zhao, F. Wu, Z. Li
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 83-89abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil water regime of grassland communities along subtle topographic gradient in the Flooding Pampa (Argentina)
C.E. Di Bella, G.G. Striker, J. Loreti, D.J. Cosentino, A.A. Grimoldi
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 90-96abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of irrigated agriculture on water and soil quality (case perimeter Guelma, Algeria)
N. Kachi, S. Kachi, H. Bousnoubra
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 97-104abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Using magnetic susceptibility mapping for assessing soil degradation due to water erosion
O. Jakšík, R. Kodešová, A. Kapička, A. Klement, M. Fér, A. Nikodem
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 105-113abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil aggregation and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as indicators of slope rehabilitation in the São Francisco River basin (Brazil)
A.C. Kimura, M.R. Scotti
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 114-123abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Response of organic nitrogen in Black Soil to long-term different fertilization and tillage practices in Northeast China
L. Yan, H. Li, J. Zhang, Z. Zhang, P. Zhu, Q. Gao, W. Lu
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 124-130abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Remediation of fuel oil contaminated soils by activated persulfate in the presence of MnO2
S. Mazloomi, S. Nasseri, R. Nabizadeh, K. Yaghmaeian, K. Alimohammadi, S. Nazmara, A.H. Mahvi
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 131-138abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Is the atmosphere an important source of phosphorus in northern Poland?
A. Jarosiewicz, Z. Witek
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 139-145abstractdownload PDF

No. 1
Original Paper
Using HYDRUS to simulate the dynamic changes of Ca2+ and Na+ in sodic soils reclaimed by gypsum
J. Wang, Z. Bai, P. Yang
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 1-10abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Impacts of climate change on water requirements of winter wheat over 59 years in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain
H. Huang, Y. Han, J. Song, Z. Zhang, H. Xiao
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 11-19abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Land use analysis in terms of farmland protection in the Czech Republic
J. Janků, P. Sekáč, J. Baráková, J. Kozák
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 20-28abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The impact of impervious surfaces on ecohydrology and health in urban ecosystems of Banská Bystrica (Slovakia)
T. Lepeška
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 29-36abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Moisture effect on soil humus characteristics in a laboratory incubation experiment
C. Li, S. Gao, J. Zhang, L. Zhao, L. Wang
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 37-43abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
An approach to mapping the potential of cultural agroecosystem services
J. Makovníková, J. Kobza, B. Pálka, J. Mališ, R. Kanianska, M. Kizeková
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 44-52abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effectiveness of sunflower seed husk biochar for removing copper ions from wastewater: a comparative study
M.E. Saleh, A.A. El-Refaey, A.H. Mahmoud
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 53-63abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil management practice effect on water balance of a dryland soil during fallow period on the Loess Plateau of China
S. Zhang, X. Yang, L. Lovdahl
Soil & Water Res., 11 (2016): 64-73abstractdownload PDF

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