Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006)

No. 4
Original Paper
The Quantitative Estimate of Bioavailable Inorganic Phosphorus Content in Forest Soils by the Modification of the Anion-Exchange Resin Method
Rejšek Klement
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 117-126abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Difference in Canopy and Air Temperature as an Indicator of Grassland Water Stress
Duffková Renata
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 127-138abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Optimisation of Irrigation Regime for Early Potatoes, Late Cauliflower, Early Cabbage and Celery
Zavadil Josef
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 139-152abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
Soil Heterotrophic Respiration Potential and Maximum Respiration Rate of Differently Managed Meadows
Formánek Pavel, Vranová Lukáš Kisza and Valerie
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 153-157abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

Heavy Metal Contamination of Roadside Soils of Northern England

Khalid Farooq Akbar, Wiliam H.G. Hale, Alistair D. Headley, Mohammad Athar
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 158-163abstractdownload PDF
Proposed strategy of the European Commission to Protect European Soils
Kozák Josef
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 164-165download PDF

No. 3
Original Paper
Object-oriented Fuzzy Analysis of Remote Sensing Data for Bare Soil Brightness Mapping
Borůvka Lukáš Brodský and Luboš
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 79-84abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Analysis of Soil Water Response to Grass Transpiration
Dohnal Michal, Dušek Jaromír, Vogel Tomáš, Herza Jiří
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 85-98abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Contents of Potentially Risk Elements in Natural and Reclaimed Soils of the Sokolov Region
Štrudl Milan, Borůvka Luboš, Kozák Konstantin Dimitrovský and Josef
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 99-107abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Risks Following from Husbandry on Agricultural Soils in Loaded Areas of the Czech Republic
Vácha Radim, Vysloužilová Markéta, Čechmánková Viera Horváthová and Jarmila
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 108-116abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Original Paper
Comparison of CGMS-WOFOST and HYDRUS-1D Simulation Results for One Cell of CGMS-GRID50
Brodský Radka Kodešová and Lukáš
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 39-48abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Possibilities of Using the Direct Runoff Model KINFIL for a Road Network Design
Kovář Pavel, Kubátová Šárka Dvořáková and Eliška
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 49-56abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil Organic Matter and its Stability in Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions
Kolář Ladislav, Ledvina Rostislav, Kužel Stanislav, Štindl František Klimeš and Pavel
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 57-64abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Revised Determination of the Rainfall-runoff Erosivity Factor R for Application of USLE in the Czech Republic
Janeček Miloslav, Tippl Eliška Kubátová and Martin
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 65-71abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Study of Anthropogenic Soils on a Reclaimed Dumpsite and their Variability by Geostatistical Methods
Rohošková Marcela, Borůvka Vít Penížek and Luboš
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 72-78abstractdownload PDF

No. 1
Original Paper
Methods for the Assessment of Humic Substances Quality in Forest Soils  
Mládková Lenka, Borůvka Marcela Rohošková and Luboš
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 3-9abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Field Determination of the Specific Input Characteristics to Calculate the Value of C Factor of Time-variable Crops for the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE)
Jakubíková Alena, Tippl Miloslav Janeček and Martin
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 10-15abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Numerical Study of Macropore Impact on Ponded Infiltration in Clay Soils
Kodešova Radka, Šimůnek Josef Kozak and Jiři
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 16-22abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Sediment Load and Suspended Sediment Concentration Prediction
Bečvář Martin
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 23-31abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Drainage Systems and their Water Management Function with regard to Probable Climatic and Hydrological Changes
Soukup Mojmír
Soil & Water Res., 1 (2006): 32-38abstractdownload PDF

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