Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009)

Special Issue 2
Introduction to Special Issue on Hydrology of a Small Basin
M. Tesař, Ľ. Lichner, M. Šír, M. Krejča
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S1-S5download PDF
Retention curves of soil from the liz experimental catchment obtained by three methods
M. Sněhota, M. Dubovec, M. Dohnal, M. Císlerová
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S6-S13abstractdownload PDF
Variability of saturated hydraulic conductivities in the agriculturallycultivated soils
V. Štekauerová, V. Mikulec
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S14-S21abstractdownload PDF
Numerical analysis of ponded infiltration experiment under different experimental conditions
J. Dušek, M. Dohnal, T. Vogel
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S22-S27abstractdownload PDF
Development of vaporization process from young stands of Norway Spruce and European Beech after snow breakage
P. Kantor, F. Šach, Z. Karl, V. Černohous
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S28-S38abstractdownload PDF
The actual consumption of water by selected cultivated and weed species of plants and the actual values of evapotranspiration of the stands as determined under field conditions
J. Pivec, V. Brant
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S39-S48abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of functional properties of various types of vegetation cover using remotely sensed data analysis
J. Brom, J. Procházka, A. Rejšková
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S49-S58abstractdownload PDF
Long-term effect of forest renewal on the water regime in the small experimental watershed Červík
M. Bíba, Z. Oceánská, Z. Vícha, M. Jařabáč
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S59-S65abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of monitoring on Modrava catchments
J. Pavlásek, J. Ředinová, P. Skalská
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S66-S74abstractdownload PDF
The comparison of water and matter flows in three small catchments in the Šumava Mountains
J. Procházka, J. Brom, L. Pechar
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S75-S82abstractdownload PDF
Hydrological processes in the subsurface investigated by water isotopes and silica
M. Šanda, A. Kulasová, M. Císlerová
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S83-S92abstractdownload PDF
Variability of water regime in the forested experimental catchments
J. Buchtele, M. Tesař, P. Krám
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S93-S101abstractdownload PDF
The influence of temporal rainfall distribution in the flood runoff modelling
P. Máca, P. Torfs
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S102-S110abstractdownload PDF
Assessment of evapotranspiration simulations in the Malše basin
R. Košková, S. Němečková
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S111-S122abstractdownload PDF
Soluble and insoluble pollutants in fog and rime water samples
J. Fišák, V. Stoyanova, P. Chaloupecký, D. Řezáčová, T. Tsacheva, T. Kupenova, M. Marinov
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S123-S130abstractdownload PDF
The influence of irrigation on nitrates movement in soil and risk of subsoil contamination
K. Nováková, D. Nágel
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): S131-S136abstractdownload PDF

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