Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008)

Special Issue No. 1

Introduction to Special Issue on biohydrology

L. Lichner, R. Kodešová, M. Tesař
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S2-S4download PDF
Miroslav Kutílek – Professor of soil science, soil physics and soil hydrology
R. Kodešová
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S5-S6download PDF
The structural porosity in soil hydraulic functions – a review
M. Kutílek, L. Jendele
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S7-S20abstractdownload PDF
A brief overview of the causes, impacts and amelioration of soil water repellency – a review
P.D. Hallett
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S21-S29abstractdownload PDF
The role of soil in bioclimatology – a review
K. Rajkai
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S30-S41abstractdownload PDF
Simulating nonequilibrium movement of water, solutes and particles using hydrus – a review of recent applications
J. Šimůnek, M. Köhne, R. Kodešová, M. Šejna
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S42-S51abstractdownload PDF
Wetting angle and water sorptivity in mineral soils
H. Czachor, M. Flis-Bujak, M. Kafarski, A. Król
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S52-S57abstractdownload PDF
A Chernozem soil water regime response to predicted climate change scenarios
C. Farkas, A. Hagyó, E. Horváth, G. Várallyay
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S58-S67abstractdownload PDF
Pollutant concentrations in rime and fog water
J. Fišák, M. Tesař, D. Fottová
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S68-S73abstractdownload PDF
The impact of windthrow and fire disturbances on selected soil properties in the Tatra National Park
E. Gömöryová, K. Střelcová, J. Škvarenina, J. Bebej, D. Gömöry
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S74-S80abstractdownload PDF

Land suitability evaluation of bilverdy research station for wheat, barley, alfalfa, maize and safflower

A.A. Jafarzadeh, P. Alamdari, M.R. Neyshabouri, S. Saedi
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S81-S88abstractdownload PDF
Entropy production by evapotranspiration and its geographic variation
A. Kleidon
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S89-S94abstractdownload PDF
Drought stress tolerance of two wheat genotypes
A. Lukács, G. Pártay, T. Németh, S. Csorba, C. Farkas
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S95-S104abstractdownload PDF
Analysis of land use change in the Eastern Ore Mts. regarding both nature protection and flood prevention
M. Merta, C. Seidler, S. Bianchin, H. Heilmeier, E. Richert
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S105-S115abstractdownload PDF
Using the sensitivity of biomass production to soil water for physiological drought evaluation
V. Novák
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S116-S122abstractdownload PDF

Spatial variability of water repellency in pine forest soil

T. Orfánus, Z. Bedrna, Ľ. Lichner, P.D. Hallett, K. Kňava, M. Sebíň
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S123-S129abstractdownload PDF
Soil water retention and gross primary productivity in the Zábrod area in the Šumava Mts.
M. Šír, Ľ. Lichner, M. Tesař, M. Krejča, J. Váchal
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S130-S138abstractdownload PDF
Soil water regime estimated from the soil water storage monitored in time
J. Šútor, M. Gomboš, M. Kutílek, M. Krejča
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S139-S146abstractdownload PDF
Extreme runoff formation in the Krkonoše Mts. in August 2002
M. Tesař, M. Šír, Ľ. Lichner, J. Fišák
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S147-S154abstractdownload PDF

Variability of water repellency in sandy forest soils under broadleaves and conifers in north-western Jutland/Denmark

N.A. Wahl
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): S155-S164abstractdownload PDF

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