Soil & Water Res., 17 (2022)

No. 4


Soil & Water Res., 17 (2022): I-IVdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evaluation of sediment barriers in relation to the trap of soil particles

David Kinclorcid , David Kabelka, Darina Heřmanovská, Jan Vopravil, Rudolf Urban, Tomáš Křemen
Soil & Water Res., 17 (2022): 201-210abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Changes in soil organic carbon and its fractions under grassland reclamation in alpine-cold soils, China

Tonghui Wu, Yu-Fu Hu, Yan-Yan Zhang, Xiang-Yang Shu, Ze-Peng Yang, Wei Zhou, Cheng-Yi Huang, Jie Li, Zhi Li, Jia He, Ying Yu
Soil & Water Res., 17 (2022): 211-221abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Biophysicochemical properties of the eroded southern chernozem (Trans-Ural Steppe, Russia) with emphasis on the 13C NMR spectroscopy of humic acids

Azamat Suleymanovorcid , Vyacheslav Polyakov, Mikhail Komissarov, Ruslan Suleymanov, Ilyusya Gabbasova, Timur Garipov, Irik Saifullin, Evgeny Abakumov
Soil & Water Res., 17 (2022): 222-232abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of rainfall and the slope gradient on the soil and water loss in a purple soil area

Xinyi Zhang, Qiande Zhu, Jing Sang, Xiaowen Ding
Soil & Water Res., 17 (2022): 232-242abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

Soils of external islands of the Gulf of Finland: Soil pollution status and dynamics in abandoned agricultural ecosystems

Ekaterina Chebykinaorcid , George Shamilishvilly, Sergey Kouzov, Evgeny Abakumov
Soil & Water Res., 17 (2022): 243-250abstractdownload PDF

Possibilities of remediation of neutral mine drainage – Removal and recovery of potentially hazardous elements

Veronika Prepilková, Juraj Poništorcid , Marián Schwarzorcid , Dagmar Samešováorcid
Soil & Water Res., 17 (2022): 251-267abstractdownload PDF

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