Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020)

No. 4

Authors Index of Volume 15

Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): III-IVdownload PDF

Index of Volume 15

Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): I-IIdownload PDF
Original Paper

Influences of a vermicompost application on the phosphorus transformation and microbial activity in a paddy soil

Feng Zhang, Rongping Wang, Weimin Yu, Jiawei Liang, Xinrong Liao
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 199-210abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Potassium fractions in soil and simple K balance in long-term fertilising experiments

Jiří Balíkorcid , Martin Kulhánek, Jindřich Černý, Ondřej Sedlář, Pavel Suran
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 211-219abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Sponge effect of aerated concrete on phosphorus adsorption-desorption from agricultural drainage water in rainfall

Jinquan Zhang, Weiguo Fu
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 220-227abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Changes in the soil’s biological and chemical properties due to the land use

Eva Horáková, Lubica Pospíšilová, Vitězslav Vlček, Ladislav Menšík
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 228-236abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Potentially toxic metals and metalloids in surface water intended for human consumption and other uses in the Mantaro River watershed, Peru

María Custodioorcid , Daniel Álvarez, Walter Cuadrado, Raúl Montalvo, Salomé Ochoa
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 237-245abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Possibilities of including surface runoff barriers in the slope-length factor calculation in the GIS environment and its integration in the user-friendly LS-RUSLE tool

Jiří Brychta, Martina Brychtová
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 246-257abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Industrial zones and their benefits for society

Jaroslava Jankůorcid , Kristina Heřmanová, Josef Kozák, Jan Jehlička, Mansoor Maitah, Karel Němeček, Jan Vopravil, Daniel Toth, Karel Jacko, Tomáš Herza
Soil & Water Res., 15 (2020): 258-272abstractdownload PDF

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