Soil & Water Res., 13 (2018)

No. 4


Soil & Water Res., 13 (2018): I-IIdownload PDF
Original Paper

The use of Snyder synthetic hydrograph for simulation of overland flow in small ungauged and gauged catchments

Darya Fedorova, Pavel Kovář, Jan Gregar, Andrea Jelínková, Jana Novotná
Soil & Water Res., 13 (2018): 185-192abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The proportion of soil aggregates in dependence on the fraction composition of humic substances

Erika Tobiašová, Gabriela Barančíková, Erika Gömöryová, Štefan Koco, Ján Halás, Božena Dębska, Magdalena Banach-Szott
Soil & Water Res., 13 (2018): 193-199abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Kinetics of non-exchangeable potassium release in selected soil orders of southern Iran

Gholamreza Zareian, Mohammad Hady Farpoor, Majid Hejazi-Mehrizi, Azam Jafari
Soil & Water Res., 13 (2018): 200-207abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Indication of environmental changes in mountain catchments by dendroclimatology

Jiří Vrtiška, Josef Křeček, Roberto Tognetti
Soil & Water Res., 13 (2018): 208-217abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Fuzzy AHP for drought risk assessment in Lam Ta Kong watershed, the north-eastern region of Thailand

Saowanee Wijitkosum
Soil & Water Res., 13 (2018): 218-225abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Measurement and computation of kinetic energy of simulated rainfall in comparison with natural rainfall

Jan Petrů, Jana Kalibová
Soil & Water Res., 13 (2018): 226-233abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Pollution status of agricultural land in China: impact of land use and geographical position

Xiaoming Wan, Junxing Yang, Wei Song
Soil & Water Res., 13 (2018): 234-242abstractdownload PDF

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