Soil & Water Res., 10 (2015)

No. 1
Original Paper
Sorption of heavy metals in organic horizons of acid forest soils at low added concentrations
M. Vytopilová, V. Tejnecký, L. Borůvka, O. Drábek
Soil & Water Res., 10 (2015): 1-9abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Modelling the impact of acid deposition on forest soils in North Bohemian Mountains with two dynamic models: the Very Simple Dynamic Model (VSD) and the Model of Acidification of Groundwater in Catchments (MAGIC)
R. Vašát, L. Pavlů, L. Borůvka, V. Tejnecký, A. Nikodem
Soil & Water Res., 10 (2015): 10-18abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil pH changes in long-term field experiments with different fertilizing systems
F. Vašák, J. Černý, Š. Buráňová, M. Kulhánek, J. Balík
Soil & Water Res., 10 (2015): 19-23abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Computation method of the drainage retention capacity of soil layers with a subsurface pipe drainage system
J. Pešková, J. Štibinger
Soil & Water Res., 10 (2015): 24-31abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A study of the debris flow activity on the one-stepped channel slope
S. Kim, H. Lee
Soil & Water Res., 10 (2015): 32-39abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Changes in runoff regime. The Lomnice catchment case study
T. Bažatová, J. Šimková
Soil & Water Res., 10 (2015): 40-48abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Long-term improvement in surface water quality after land consolidation in a drinking water reservoir catchment
M. Dumbrovský, V. Sobotková, B. Šarapatka, R. Váchalová, R. Pavelková Chmelová, J. Váchal
Soil & Water Res., 10 (2015): 49-55abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Distribution of water loss via evapotranspiration in a pistachio tree orchard under drip irrigation and non-irrigation conditions
S. Özmen, R. Kanber, P. Steduto, M. Ünlü, Y. Aydin, K. Diker
Soil & Water Res., 10 (2015): 56-63abstractdownload PDF

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