Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010)

No. 12
Index of volume 56
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): I-VIdownload PDF
Physiological response of Monimopetalum chinense to light stress under habitat fragmentation
C. Hao, R. Fan, X. Zhang, L. Wang, W. Chen, Z. Chen
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 551-556abstractdownload PDF
Assessment of surface and injection fertilization on various grass hybrids in grass-clover mixture
O. Kozlovský, J. Balík, J. Černý, M. Kulhánek, J. Hakl, A. Kohoutek
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 557-563abstractdownload PDF
The effect of time of cutting on yield and the quality of the hop hybrid varieties Harmonie, Rubín and Agnus
K. Krofta, J. Ježek
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 564-569abstractdownload PDF
Growth response of wheat cultivars to bacterial inoculation in calcareous soil
D. Egamberdieva
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 570-573abstractdownload PDF
Effect of nitrogen fertilization on metabolisms of essential and non-essential amino acids in field-grown grain maize (Zea mays L.)
T. Lošák, J. Hlušek, R. Filipčík, L. Pospíšilová, J. Maňásek, K. Prokeš, F. Buňka, S. Kráčmar, A. Martensson, F. Orosz
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 574-579abstractdownload PDF
Effect of desiccation temperature on viability of immature dandelion (Taraxacum agg.) seeds dried in mowed inflorescences
Z. Martinková, A. Honěk
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 580-583abstractdownload PDF
Selenium biofortification and antioxidant activity in lettuce plants fed with selenate and selenite
S.J. Ramos, V. Faquin, L.R.G. Guilherme, E.M. Castro, F.W. Ávila, G.S. Carvalho, C.E.A. Bastos, C. Oliveira
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 584-588abstractdownload PDF

No. 11
Salt resistance of tomato species grown in sand culture
M. Dogan, R. Tipirdamaz, Y. Demir
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 499-507abstractdownload PDF
Effects of cadmium on growth and antioxidant responses in Glycyrrhiza uralensis seedlings
G. Zheng, H.P. Lv, S. Gao, S.R. Wang
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 508-515abstractdownload PDF
Genotypic dependent effect of exogenous glutathione on Cd-induced changes in cadmium and mineral uptake and accumulation in rice seedlings (Oryza sativa)
Y. Cai, L. Lin, W. Cheng, G. Zhang, F. Wu
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 516-525abstractdownload PDF
Soil hydrolase activities and kinetic properties as affected by wheat cropping systems of Northeastern China
Y.L. Zhang, L.J. Chen, C.X. Sun, Z.J. Wu, Z.H. Chen, G.H. Dong
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 526-532abstractdownload PDF
Infrared spectroscopy-based metabolomic analysis of maize growing under different nitrogen nutrition
M. Pavlík, D. Pavlíková, S. Vašíčková
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 533-540abstractdownload PDF
Population density and soil seed bank of weed beet as influenced by crop sequence and soil tillage
M. Landová, K. Hamouzová, J. Soukup, M. Jursík, J. Holec, G.R. Squire
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 541-549abstractdownload PDF

No. 10
Diurnal fluxes of CO2 and N2O from cattle-impacted soil and implications for emission estimates
M. Šimek, P. Brůček, J. Hynšt
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 451-457abstractdownload PDF
Response of seed yield and its components of red gram (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp.) to elevated CO2
M. Vanaja, P.R. Ram Reddy, N.J. Lakshmi, S.K. Abdul Razak, P. Vagheera, G. Archana, S.K. Yadav, M. Maheswari, B. Venkateswarlu
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 458-462abstractdownload PDF
The effect of benzothiazolium salt on spruce callus cells
Ľ. Krajnáková, D. Kákoniová, D. Lišková, E. Hlinková
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 463-469abstractdownload PDF
Alleviation of salt stress in citrus seedlings inoculated with mycorrhiza: changes in leaf antioxidant defense systems
Q.S. Wu, Y.N. Zou, W. Liu, X.F. Ye, H.F. Zai, L.J. Zhao
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 470-475abstractdownload PDF
The impact of source restriction on yield formation of corn (Zea mays L.) due to water deficiency
M. Oveysi, M.J. Mirhadi, H. Madani, G. Nourmohammadi, R. Zarghami, A. Madani
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 476-481abstractdownload PDF
Grain yield and quality of winter wheat in different planting patterns under deficit irrigation regimes
Q.Q. Li, X.B. Zhou, Y.H. Chen, S.L. Yu
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 482-487abstractdownload PDF
Can Festulolium, Dactylis glomerata and Arrhenatherum elatius be used for extension of the autumn grazing season in Central Europe?
J. Skládanka, V. Adam, P. Ryant, P. Doležal, Z. Havlíček
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 488-498abstractdownload PDF

No. 9
Relation between chemical indices of soil and earthworm abundance under chemical fertilization
M. Iordache, I. Borza
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 401-407abstractdownload PDF
Impact of long term fertilization on soil water content in Haploborolls
C.Y. Song, X.Y. Zhang, X.B. Liu, Y.Y. Sui, Z.L. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 408-411abstractdownload PDF
Arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization and growth of Eremanthus incanus Less. in a highland field
M.C. Pagano, M.N. Cabello, M.R. Scotti
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 412-418abstractdownload PDF
Hydrogen peroxide generation and lignification by peroxidases from Acacia eburneainfected with Ravenelia esculenta
A.A. Kuvalekar, K.R. Gandhe
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 419-428abstractdownload PDF
Kinetic approach to evaluate the effects of 3,3'-diaminobenzidine on N mineralization in soils
B. Jalili, F. Nourbakhsh, M. Ghiasi
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 429-433abstractdownload PDF
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil and selected plants
R. Vácha, J. Čechmánková, J. Skála
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 434-443abstractdownload PDF
Seasonal emergence of selected summer annual weed species in dependence on soil temperature
M. Jursík, J. Holec, J. Soukup, V. Venclová
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 444-450abstractdownload PDF

No. 8
Biogeochemical cycles of chlorine in the coniferous forest ecosystem: practical implications
M. Matucha, N. Clarke, Z. Lachmanová, S.T. Forczek, K. Fuksová, M. Gryndler
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 357-367abstractdownload PDF
Effect of natural and growing conditions on the contentof phenolics in potatoes with different flesh colour
K. Hamouz, J. Lachman, K. Hejtmánková, K. Pazderů, M. Čížek, P. Dvořák
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 368-374abstractdownload PDF
Biochemical characterization and metabolic diversity of soybean rhizobia isolated from Malwa region of Central India
M.P. Sharma, K. Srivastava, S.K. Sharma
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 375-383abstractdownload PDF
Soybean yield and yield component distribution across the main axis in response to light enrichment and shading under different densities
B. Liu, X.B. Liu, C. Wang, Y.S. Li, J. Jin, S.J. Herbert
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 384-392abstractdownload PDF
Mechanical weeding of Rumex obtusifolius L. under different N, P and K availabilities in permanent grassland
L. Strnad, M. Hejcman, V. Křišťálová, P. Hejcmanová, V. Pavlů
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 393-399abstractdownload PDF

No. 7
The effect of different nitrogen nutrition on proline and asparagine content in plant
M. Neuberg, D. Pavlíková, M. Pavlík, J. Balík
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 305-311abstractdownload PDF
Effect of salinity and radiation on proline accumulation in seeds of canola (Brassica napus L.)
M. Ashrafijou, S.A. Sadat Noori, A. Izadi Darbandi, S. Saghafi
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 312-317abstractdownload PDF
Effect of salinity stress on mycorrhizal association and growth response of peanut infected by Glomus mosseae
A.S. Al-Khaliel
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 318-324abstractdownload PDF
NaCl salinity-induced changes in water status, ion contents and photosynthetic properties of Shepherdia argentea (Pursh) Nutt. seedlings
J. Qin, W.Y. Dong, K.N. He, Y. Yu, G.D. Tan, L. Han, M. Dong, Y.Y. Zhang, D. Zhang, A.Z. Li, Z.L. Wang
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 325-332abstractdownload PDF
Soil water potential effects on the cellulase activities of soil treated with sewage sludge
A.A.S. Sinegani, A. Mahohi
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 333-339abstractdownload PDF
Physiological regulation of high transpiration efficiency in winter wheat under drought conditions
S. Changhai, D. Baodi, Q. Yunzhou, L. Yuxin, S. Lei, L. Mengyu, L. Haipei
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 340-347abstractdownload PDF
Farmland management effects on the quality of surface soil during oasification in the southern rim of the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang, China
D.W. Gui, J.Q. Lei, F.J. Zeng
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 348-356abstractdownload PDF

No. 6

Root distribution and yield responses of wheat/maize intercropping to alternate irrigation in the arid areas of northwest China  

C.H. Yang, Q. Chai, G.B. Huang
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 253-262abstractdownload PDF
Sorbitol-induced changes in various growth and biochemici parameters in maize
M. Jain, S. Tiwary, R. Gadre
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 263-267abstractdownload PDF
Effect of liming on microbial biomass carbon of acidic arenosols in pot experiments
T. Filep, T. Szili-Kovács
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 268-273abstractdownload PDF
The investigation of the alleviated effect of copper toxicity by exogenous nitric oxide in tomato plants
X.M. Cui, Y.K. Zhang, X.B. Wu, C.S. Liu
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 274-281abstractdownload PDF
Spatial and vertical distribution and pollution assessment of soil fluorine in a lead-zinc mining area in the Karst region of Guangxi, China
C. Zhang, Z. Li, M. Gu, C. Deng, M. Liu, L. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 282-287abstractdownload PDF
Spatial distribution and mapping of risk elements pollution in agricultural soils of southern Tehran, Iran
A. Hani, E. Pazira, M. Manshouri, S. Babaie Kafaky, M. Ghahroudi Tali
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 288-296abstractdownload PDF
Differences in available phosphorus evaluated by soil tests in relation to detection by colorimetric and ICP-AES techniques
J. Matula
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 297-304abstractdownload PDF

No. 5
Nitric oxide emission from barley seedlings and detached leaves and roots treated with nitrate and nitrite
J. Chen, Q. Xiao, F.H. Wu, Z.M. Pei, J. Wang, Y.G. Wu, H.L. Zheng
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 201-208abstractdownload PDF
Growth, photosynthesis and antioxidant defense systém in Zn-deficient red cabbage plants
R. Hajiboland, F. Amirazad
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 209-217abstractdownload PDF
The impact of source or sink limitations on yield formation of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) due to post-anthesis water and nitrogen deficiencies
A. Madani, A. Shirani-Rad, A. Pazoki, G. Nourmohammadi, R. Zarghami, A. Mokhtassi-Bidgoli
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 218-227abstractdownload PDF
Irrigation regimes affect early root development, shoot growth and yields of maize (Zea mays L.) in tropical minor seasons
U.R. Sangakkara, P. Amarasekera, P. Stamp
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 228-234abstractdownload PDF
Various growth strategies of yellow birch seedlings in multiple-abiotic factor changing environments
H.T. Song, S. Cheng
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 235-243abstractdownload PDF
Metal levels in some refuse dump soils and plants in Ghana
K. Agyarko, E. Darteh, B. Berlinger
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 244-251abstractdownload PDF

No. 4
Effect of N and P fertilisation and aeration on biodegradation of crude oil in aged hydrocarbon contaminated soils
S. Syafruddin, G. Wieshammer, M. Puschenreiter, I. Langer, M. Wieshammer-Zivkovic, W.W. Wenzel
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 149-155abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of effect of different sterilization methods on soil biomass phosphorus extracted with NaHCO3
A.A.S. Sinegani, A. Hosseinpur
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 156-162abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of crop yield under different nitrogen doses of mineral fertilization
Š. Matějková, J. Kumhálová, J. Lipavský
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 163-167abstractdownload PDF
Effect of inhibitors on Zygophyllum dumosum plant litter decomposition
T.K. Abramovich, Y. Zurovsky, Y. Steinberger
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 168-175abstractdownload PDF
Salt tolerance evaluation and relative comparison in cuttings of different omegranate cultivar
A.R. Okhovatian-Ardakani, M. Mehrabanian, F. Dehghani, A. Akbarzadeh
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 176-185abstractdownload PDF
Effects of film-bottomed treatment on seedling emergence and growth of agana korshinskiiarid northwestern China
X. Zhou, Y. Yan, Ch. Wan, H. Wang, L. Wu, Y. Wang, J. Ren
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 186-193abstractdownload PDF
Effects of lead on seedling growth of spesia populnea
M. Kabir, M.Z. Iqbal, M. Shafiq, Z.R. Farooqi
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 194-199abstractdownload PDF

No. 3
Effect of growing conditions on starch and protein content in triticale grain and amylose content in starch
I. Burešová, I. Sedláčková, O. Faměra, J. Lipavský
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 99-104abstractdownload PDF
Influence of tillage system and starting N fertilization on seed yield and quality of soybean Glycine max (L.) Merrill
P. Fecák, D. Šariková, I. Černý
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 105-110abstractdownload PDF
Effect of provenance and ploidity of red clover varieties on productivity, persistence and growth pattern in mixture with grasses
S. Hejduk, P. Knot
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 111-119abstractdownload PDF
Humus characteristics after maize residues degradation in soil amended with different copper concentrations
J.J. Zhang, L.B. Wang, C.L. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 120-124abstractdownload PDF
The contents of amino acids and sterols in maize plants growing under different nitrogen conditions
M. Pavlík, D. Pavlíková, J. Balík, M. Neuberg
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 125-132abstractdownload PDF
A molecular evidence for the presence of methylobacterial-type Fe siderophore receptor in Celosia cristata
A. Gholizadeh, B.B. Kohnehrouz
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 133-138abstractdownload PDF
Influence of mercury on chlorophyll content in winter wheat and mercury bioaccumulation
D. Liu, X. Wang, Z. Chen, H. Xu, Y. Wang
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 139-143abstractdownload PDF
State and evaluation of information and communication technologies development in agricultural enterprises in the Czech Republic
J. Vaněk, E. Červenková, J. Jarolímek, P. Šimek
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 144-147abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Growth and physiological performance responses to drought stress under non-flooded rice cultivation with straw mulching
J. Qin, X. Wang, F. Hu, H. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 51-59abstractdownload PDF
Comparison of heavy metal accumulation capacity of some indigenous mosses in Southwest China cities: a case study in Chengdu city
Y.E. Chen, S. Yuan, Y.Q. Su, L. Wang
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 60-66abstractdownload PDF
Effect of water stress at different growth stages on quantity and quality traits of Virginia (flue-cured) tobacco type
M.H. Biglouei, M.H. Assimi, A. Akbarzadeh
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 67-75abstractdownload PDF
Effect of heavy metals on soil respiration during decomposition of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) trash in different soils
R.K. Verma, D.V. Yadav, C.P. Singh, A. Suman, A. Gaur
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 76-81abstractdownload PDF
Identification of Triticum aestivum L., Triticum spelta L. and Triticum durum DESF. genotypes on the HMW-GS base
V. Oslovičová, Z. Gálová, M. Chňapek, Ž. Balážová
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 82-86abstractdownload PDF
Soil degradation: a problem threatening the sustainable development of agriculture in Northeast China
X.B. Liu, X.Y. Zhang, Y.X. Wang, Y.Y. Sui, S.L. Zhang, S.J. Herbert, G. Ding
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 87-97abstractdownload PDF

No. 1
Plant and row spacing effects on soil water and yield of rainfed summer soybean in the northern China
X.B. Zhou, G.M. Yang, S.J. Sun, Y.H. Chen
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 1-7abstractdownload PDF
Fate of applied urea 15N in a soil-maize system as affected by urease inhibitor and nitrification inhibitor
L. Zhang, Z. Wu, Y. Jiang, L. Chen, Y. Song, L. Wang, J. Xie, X. Ma
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 8-15abstractdownload PDF
Effects of wheat straw application on methane and nitrous oxide emissions from purplish paddy fields
Y. Wang, C. Hu, B. Zhu, H. Xiang, X. He
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 16-22abstractdownload PDF
Agrochemical value of the liquid phase of wastes from fermentem during biogas production
L. Kolář, S. Kužel, J. Peterka, J. Borová-Batt
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 23-27abstractdownload PDF

Mineral and organic fertilization efficiency in long-term stationary experiments

J. Černý, J. Balík, M. Kulhánek, K. Čásová, V. Nedvěd
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 28-36abstractdownload PDF
Phenotypic and alpha-acid content diversity of wild hop populations in Croatia
S. Srečec, V. Zechner-Krpan, V. Petravić-Tominac, A. Čerenak, Z. Liber, Z. Šatović
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 37-42abstractdownload PDF
Effect of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) treatment with brassinosteroids on the content of cadmium and lead in plant aerial biomass and grain
M. Kroutil, A. Hejtmánková, J. Lachman
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 43-50abstractdownload PDF

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