Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022)

No. 11
Original Paper

Cerium improves plant growth and fruit quality of strawberry plants under salt stress by changing the antioxidant capacity and water physiology

Xinliang Zhao, Xiaoqing Zhang, Shang Gao, Changjuan Shan
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 499-509abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Inoculation of soybean seeds by rhizobia with nanometal carboxylates reduces the negative effect of drought on N2 and CO2 assimilation

Dmytro Kiriziy, Sergii Kots, Lilia Rybachenko, Petro Pukhtaievych
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 510-515abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Prediction of arsenic accumulation in a calcareous soil-wheat/maize rotation system with continuous amendment of sewage sludge

Huiqing Chang, Lin Lin Huang, Pan Pan Song, Li Yang Ru
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 516-524abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Variability of cannabinoid yields of fibre hemp cultivars depending on the sowing density and nitrogen fertilisation

Joanna Poniatowska, Katarzyna Panasiewiczorcid , Milena Szalata, Livia Zarina, Sanita Zute, Karolina Wielgus
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 525-532abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of various poppy seed pre-sowing treatments on the dynamics of field emergence, structure of yield parameters, oil content and yield of seed

Matěj Satranský, Ivana Capouchová, Barbora Burešová, Pavel Procházka
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 533-541abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Soil weed seedbank under different cropping systems of middle Indo-Gangetic Plains

Prashant Sharma, Manoj Singhorcid , Kamlesh Verma, Saroj Kumar Prasad
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 542-551abstractdownload PDF

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