Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021)

No. 2
Original Paper

Impact of saline stress on the uptake of various macro and micronutrients and their associations with plant biomass and root traits in wheat

Deyong Zhaoorcid , Shuo Gao, Xiaolin Zhang, Zaiwang Zhang, Huanqiang Zheng, Kun Rong, Wangfeng Zhao, Sabaz Ali Khan
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 61-70abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effect of heat stress on some main spike traits in 12 wheat cultivars at anthesis and mid-grain filling stage

Milan Mirosavljević, Sanja Mikić, Ankica Kondić Špika, Vesna Župunski, Rong Zhou, Lamis Abdelhakim, Carl-Otto Ottosen
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 71-76abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Field priming with cytokinins enhances seed viability of wheat after low temperature storage

Radoslav Chipilski, Irina Moskova, Albena Pencheva, Konstantina Kochevaorcid
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 77-84abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Growth and yield of winter oilseed rape under strip-tillage compared to conventional tillage

David Bečka, Lucie Bečková, Perla Kuchtová, Pavel Cihlář, Kateřina Pazderů, Vlastimil Mikšík, Jan Vašák
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 85-91abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Physiological quality of soybean seeds grown under different low altitude field environments and storage time

Kevein Ruas Oliveiraorcid , Fellipe Ramos Sampaio, Giovano Souza Siqueira, Ícaro Monteiro Galvão, Sarita Jane Bennett, Priscila Lupino Gratão, Rafael Marani Barbosa
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 92-98abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Changes in selected physico-chemical properties of floodplain soils in three different land-use types after flooding

Ivan Sucharaorcid , Julie Sucharová, Marie Holá
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 99-109abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Field evaluation of a boron recycling fertiliser

Olivier Dubocorcid , Konrad Steiner, Frank Radosits, Walter W. Wenzelorcid , Walter Goesslerorcid , Alexandra Tiefenbacherorcid , Peter Straussorcid , Herbert Eigner, Dietmar Horn, Jakob Santnerorcid
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 110-119abstractdownload PDF

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