Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021)

No. 10
Original Paper

Agronomic bio-fortification of iron, zinc and selenium enhance growth, quality and uptake of different sorghum accessions

Muhammad Tamoor Qureshi, Muhammad Faizan Ahmad, Nasir Iqbalorcid , Hasnain Waheed, Sajad Hussain, Marian Brestic, Adeel Anjum, Ijaz Rasool Noorka
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 549-557abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Exogenously spermidine alleviates damage from drought stress in the photosystem II of tall fescue

Yu Liuorcid , Chunxiang Hao, Guangyang Wang, Qian Li, An Shao
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 558-566abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of mowing dominant grasses on root exudation and soil nitrogen cycling in a natural sod culture apple orchard

Enda Zhou, Mingchuan Gou, Bo Yu, Chao Sun, Jiali He, Sijun Qin, Deguo Lyu
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 567-578abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Oil content and fatty acid profile of selected poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) landraces and modern cultivars

Matěj Satranský, Adéla Fraňková, Perla Kuchtová, Kateřina Pazderů, Ivana Capouchova
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 579-587abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Variation of soil organic matter depends on light-fraction organic matter under long-term monocropping of different crops

Futao Zhang, Yunfa Qiao, Xiaozeng Han, Bin Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 588-599abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Pollinators communities differ across years and crops

Danilo Bevkorcid , Janez Prešern
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 600-607abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Attractiveness of oilseed rape cultivars to Brassicogethes aeneus and Ceutorhynchus obstrictus as a potential control strategy

Tomáš Hovorkaorcid , Pavel Saska, Jitka Stará, František Kocourek
Plant Soil Environ., 67 (2021): 608-615abstractdownload PDF

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