Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020)

No. 8
Original Paper

Soil quality with traditional management in the Chambira native community

Nelino Florida Rofnerorcid , Gerardo Acuña Núñez
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 375-380abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Influence of baking on anthocyanin content in coloured-grain wheat bread

Marie Eliášová, Zora Kotíková, Jaromír Lachman, Matyáš Orsák, Petr Martinek
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 381-386abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The influence of genetically modified glyphosate-tolerant maize CC-2 on rhizosphere bacterial communities revealed by MiSeq sequencing

Xiaoli Zhou, Jingang Liang, Ying Luan, Xinyuan Song, Zhengguang Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 387-394abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Sowing ratio, NS fertilisation and interactions of Lolium sp. and Festulolium grown in mixtures with Trifolium repens

Beata Grygierzec, Kamila Musialorcid , Lidia Luty
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 395-402abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of silicon amendments on grapevine, soil and wine

Paul Schabl, Christoph Gabler, Erhard Kührer, Walter Wenzel
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 403-414abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Quality and productivity of hybrid wheat depending on the tillage practices

Jan Buczekorcid
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 415-420abstractdownload PDF

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