Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020)

No. 5

Laboratory tests for aerobic bioremediation of the contaminated sites in the Czech Republic

Jana Chumchalováorcid , Martin Kubal
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 191-199abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The allelopathic properties of decomposing buckwheat residues are not directly related to phenolic compounds in soil

Magdalena Szwed, Joanna Mitrus, Wiesław Wiczkowski, Henryk Dębski, Marcin Horbowiczorcid
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 200-206abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Soil phenolic compound variability in two Mediterranean olive groves

Eleonora Grilliorcid , Esterina Di Resta, Scognamiglio Monica, Severina Pacifico, Antonio Fiorentino, Thiago Assis Rodrigues Nogueira, Renata Concetta Vigliotti, Antonio Ganga
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 207-215abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Indole-3-acetic acid synthesizing chromium-resistant bacteria can mitigate chromium toxicity in Helianthus annuus L.

Ambreen Ahmed, Hadia-E- Fatima
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 216-221abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Vertisols and Cambisols had contrasting short term greenhouse gas responses to crop residue management

Giuseppe Badagliaccaorcid , Robert Martin Rees, Dario Giambalvo, Sergio Saia
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 222-233abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Melatonin and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria alleviate the cadmium and arsenic stresses and increase the growth of Spinacia oleracea L.

Mahnoor Asif, Arshid Pervez, Usman Irshad, Qaisar Mehmood, Rafiq Ahmadorcid
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 234-241abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Reaction of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] to seed inoculation with Bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteria

Wacław Jareckiorcid
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 242-247abstractdownload PDF

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