Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020)

No. 4
Original Paper

Changes in availability of Ca, K, Mg, P and S in sewage sludge as affected by pyrolysis temperature

Filip Merclorcid , Zdeněk Košnář, Lorenzo Pierdonà, Leidy Marcela Ulloa-Murillo, Jiřina Száková, Pavel Tlustoš
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 143-148abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The biological effects of strontium (88Sr) on Chinese cabbage

Weirong Zhang, Zheng Kang, Qiang Wang, Nianwei Qiuorcid , Min Chen, Feng Zhou
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 149-154abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Macro- and micronutrient content in selected cultivars of Capsicum annuum L. depending on fruit coloration

Agnieszka Żurawik, Dorota Jadczak, Nikolay Panayotov, Piotr Żurawik
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 155-161abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Adsorption of nicosulfuron herbicide in the agricultural soils of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amer Sunulahpasic, Sinisa Mitric, Dragana Sunjka, Mirjana Zabic, Tihomir Predic, Milan Sipka, Luka Rodic
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 162-166abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of long-term differentiated fertilisation regimes on greenhouse gas emissions from a subtropical rice-wheat cropping system

Fa Wang, Zhijian Mu, Tao Guo, Aiying Huang, Xiao Lin, Xiaojun Shi, Jiupai Ni
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 167-174abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The combination of drought and heat stress has a greater effect on potato plants than single stresses

Tri Handayaniorcid , Kazuo Watanabe
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 175-182abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Mycorrhiza-released glomalin-related soil protein fractions contribute to soil total nitrogen in trifoliate orange

Lu-Lu Meng, Jia-Dong He, Ying-Ning Zou, Qiang-Sheng Wuorcid , Kamil Kuča
Plant Soil Environ., 66 (2020): 183-189abstractdownload PDF

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