Plant Soil Environ., 64 (2018)

No. 11
Original Paper

The effects of ploy (γ-glutamic acid) on spinach productivity and nitrogen use efficiency in North-West China

Lin Chen, Liangjun Fei, Khaled Salahou Mohamed, Le Liu, Zilu Wang, Yun Zhong, Zhiguang Dai
Plant Soil Environ., 64 (2018): 517-522abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effect of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria on yield, water use efficiency and Brix Degree of processing tomato

Tuan Le, Zoltán Pék, Sándor Takács, András Neményi, Lajos Helyes
Plant Soil Environ., 64 (2018): 523-529abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effect of genotype, weather conditions and cropping system on antioxidant activity and content of selected antioxidant compounds in wheat with coloured grain

Monika Zrckova, Ivana Capouchova, Marie Eliášová, Luboš Paznocht, Kateřina Pazderů, Petr Dvořák, Petr Konvalina, Matyáš Orsák, Zdeněk Štěrba
Plant Soil Environ., 64 (2018): 530-538abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The early prognosis of tuber yield based on nitrogen status in potato tops

Witold Grzebisz, Jarosław Potarzycki, Maria Biber
Plant Soil Environ., 64 (2018): 539-545abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of different drip irrigation regimes on tuber and starch yield of potatoes

Petr Elzner, Miroslav Jůzl, Pavel Kasal
Plant Soil Environ., 64 (2018): 546-550abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Dynamics of herbicide degradation in cauliflower

Jaroslav Šuk, Miroslav Jursík, Marie Suchanová, Dana Schusterová, Kateřina Hamouzová
Plant Soil Environ., 64 (2018): 551-556abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Chemical composition of soil organic carbon changed by long-term monoculture cropping system in Chinese black soil

Yunfa Qiao, Shujie Miao, Yingxue Li, Xin Zhong
Plant Soil Environ., 64 (2018): 557-563abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Low phosphorus availability increases shoot boron concentration in canola and potato but not in wheat

Yanliang Wang, Nicholas Clarke, Anne Falk Øgaard
Plant Soil Environ., 64 (2018): 564-570abstractdownload PDF

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