Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016)

No. 4
Original Paper
The interdependence between the leaf area index value and soil-protecting effectiveness of selected plants  
K. Klima, B. Wiśniowska-Kielian, A. Lepiarczyk
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 151-156abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparison of selenite (IV) and selenate (VI) effect on some oxidoreductive enzymes in soil contaminated with spent engine oil  
M. Stręk, A. Telesiński
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 157-163abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Silicon mitigates oxidative stress and has positive effects in Eucalyptus platyphylla under aluminium toxicity  

M.D.R. Lima, Jr.U.O. Barros, M.A.M. Barbosa, F.R. Segura, F.F. Silva, B.L. Batista, A.K.S. Lobato
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 164-170abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Use of terraces to mitigate the impacts of overland flow and erosion on a catchment  
P. Kovář, H. Bačinová, J. Loula, D. Fedorova
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 171-177abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Estimation of nitrogen content based on fluorescence spectrum and principal component analysis in paddy rice  

J. Yang, W. Gong, S. Shi, L. Du, J. Sun, S.-L. Song
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 178-183abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Using of hydrogen cyanide against Ditylenchus dipsaci nematode present on garlic  
M. Zouhar, O. Douda, M. Dlouhý, J. Lišková, M. Maňasová, V. Stejskal
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 184-188abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of osmotic stress on growth and osmolytes accumulation in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) plants  

G.-Q. Wu, R.-J. Feng, Q.-Z. Shui
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 189-194abstractdownload PDF

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