Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016)

No. 1
Original Paper
The silence of the lambs? Plant diversity in abandoned sheep pens
P. Kurek, R. Steppa, G. Grzywaczewski, P. Tryjanowski
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 1-8abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of sulphur fertilizer on glutenin macropolymer content and particle size distribution in wheat grain
S. Yan, Z. Dai, X. Chen, B. Yang, F. Xu, Q. Shao, C. Zhang, W. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 9-15abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Gene flow from Clearfield® rice to weedy rice under field conditions  

A.K. Engku, M. Norida, A.S. Juraimi, M.Y. Rafii, S.N.A. Abdullah, M.A. Alam
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 16-22abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Response of Beta vulgaris L. to nitrogen and micronutrients in dry environment

A.A.A. Mekdad, M.M. Rady
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 23-29abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of zinc band application on sugar beet yield, quality and nutrient uptake
P. Barłóg, A. Nowacka, R. Błaszyk
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 30-35abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Impact of long-term organic and mineral fertilization on lucerne forage yield over an 8-year period
J. Hakl, E. Kunzová, J. Konečná
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 36-41abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Changes in the content of various Fusarium mycotoxins forms in germinating winter wheat and spring barley kernels
K. Pazderů, Z. Vepříková, I. Capouchová, P. Konvalina, E. Prokinová, D. Janovská, A. Škeříková, H. Honsová
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 42-46abstractdownload PDF

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