Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015)

No. 4
Original Paper

Winter wheat yields in a long-term tillage experiment under Pannonian climate conditions

R.W. Neugschwandtner, H.-P. Kaul, P. Liebhard, H. Wagentristl
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 145-150abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil condition threats in two seasons of extreme weather conditions
C. Gyuricza, V. Smutný, A. Percze, B. Pósa, M. Birkás
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 151-157abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Variability in macroelement content in the aboveground part of Helianthus tuberosus L. at different nitrogen fertilization levels
B. Sawicka, D. Kalesa, D. Skiba
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 158-163abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of sulphur and micronutrients fertilization on yield and fat content in winter rape seeds (Brassica napus L.)
U. Sienkiewicz-Cholewa, R. Kieloch
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 164-170abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Zinc enrichment in wheat genotypes under various methods of zinc application

B. Mathpal, P.C. Srivastava, D. Shankhdhar, S.C. Shankhdhar
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 171-175abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of straw covering methods on runoff and soil erosion in summer maize field on the Loess Plateau of China
H. Wang, X. Wang, M. Hao, J. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 176-181abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Application of fluorescence spectrum to precisely inverse paddy rice nitrogen content

J. Yang, S. Shi, W. Gong, L. Du, Y.Y. Ma, B. Zhu, S.L. Song
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 182-188abstractdownload PDF

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