Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015)

No. 3
Original Paper

Effect of drip irrigation and mulching on yield, water-use efficiency and economics of tomato

S.K. Biswas, A.R. Akanda, M.S. Rahman, M.A. Hossain
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 97-102abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Emission of climate relevant volatile organochlorines by plants occurring in temperate forests

S.T. Forczek, F. Laturnus, J. Doležalová, J. Holík, Z. Wimmer
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 103-108abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determining the protective effect of agricultural crops on the soil erosion process using a field rainfall simulator
T. Davidová, T. Dostál, V. David, P. Strauss
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 109-115abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Carbon sequestration of mature black locust stands on the Loess Plateau, China

J.J. Wang, C.X. Hu, J. Bai, C.M. Gong
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 116-121abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Growth and productivity of wheat affected by phosphorus-solubilizing fungi and phosphorus levels

H. Ram, S.S. Malik, S.S. Dhaliwal, B. Kumar, Y. Singh
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 122-126abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Contrasting effects of long-term fertilization on the community of saprotrophic fungi and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a sandy loam soil
G. Song, R. Chen, W. Xiang, F. Yang, S. Zheng, J. Zhang, J. Zhang, X. Lin
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 127-136abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The efficiency of nitrogen and sulphur fertilization on yields and value of N:S ratio for Lolium × boucheanum
B. Grygierzec, L. Luty, K. Musiał
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 137-143abstractdownload PDF

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