Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014)

No. 3
Original Paper
Mineralization dynamics of different commercial organic fertilizers from agro-industry organic waste recycling: an incubation experiment
E. Baldi, M. Toselli
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 93-99abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of tillage practices and rate of nitrogen fertilization on crop yield and soil carbon and nitrogen
Y. Feng, T. Ning, Z. Li, B. Han, H. Han, Y. Li, T. Sun, X. Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 100-104abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Selenium biofortification of rice and radish: effect of soil texture and efficiency of two extractants

K.F.M. Fernandes, R.S. Berton, A.R. Coscione
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 105-110abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Enrichment of 65Zn in two contrasting rice genotypes under varying methods of zinc application

B. Mathpal, P.C. Srivastava, A.K. Shukla, D. Shankhdhar, S.C. Shankhdhar
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 111-116abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Long-term mineral fertilization impact on chemical and microbiological properties of soil and Miscanthus × giganteus yield

W. Stępień, E.B. Górska, S. Pietkiewicz, M.H. Kalaji
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 117-122abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The changes of enzymatic activity of soil under eastern galega (Galega orientalis Lam.) after NPKCa fertilization
B. Symanowicz, S. Kalesa, W. Skorupka, M. Niedbała
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 123-128abstractdownload PDF
Nitric oxide biosynthesis in plants – the short overview
D. Procházková, D. Haisel, D. Pavlíková
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 129-134abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Assessment of sulphur demand of crops under permanent fertilization experiment
W. Szulc, B. Rutkowska, T. Sosulski, E. Szara, W. Stępień
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 135-140abstractdownload PDF

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