Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014)

No. 2
Original Paper

Effect of long-term fertilization on soil aggregate-associated dissolved organic nitrogen on sloping cropland of purple soil

K.K. Hua, B. Zhu, X.G. Wang, X.S. Guo, D.Z. Wang, Z.B. Guo
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 51-56abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Soil chemical properties as affected by tillage and crop rotation in a long-term field experiment

R.W. Neugschwandtner, P. Liebhard, H.-P. Kaul, H. Wagentristl
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 57-62abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Long-term effects of continuous cropping and different nutrient management practices on the distribution of organic nitrogen in soil under rice-wheat system

J. Kaur, J.P. Singh
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 63-68abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Antagonistic bacteria in the soil after cover crops cultivation
E. Patkowska, M. Konopiński
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 69-73abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of tractor wheeling on the soil properties and root growth of smooth brome
K. Krebstein, K. von Janowsky, J. Kuht, E. Reintam
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 74-79abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Assessment of cadmium uptake and nutrient content in sunflower plants grown under Cd stress

A.R. Rivelli, M. Puschenreiter, S. De Maria
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 80-86abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Mercury distribution and mobility in contaminated soils from vicinity of waste incineration plant

A. Šípková, J. Száková, P. Coufalík, O. Zvěřina, L. Kacálková, P. Tlustoš
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 87-92abstractdownload PDF

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