Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013)

No. 5
Original Paper
The cell wall-bound phenolics as a biochemical indicator of soil drought resistance in winter triticale  
T. Hura, K. Hura, A. Ostrowska, M. Grzesiak, K. Dziurka
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 189-195abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of lanthanum on growth and accumulation in roots of rice seedlings  
D. Liu, X. Wang, X. Zhang, Z. Gao
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 196-200abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of tillage and weed management on the vertical distribution of microclimate and grain yield in a winter wheat field  
H. Han, T. Ning, Z. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 201-207abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Diversity of current weed vegetation on arable land in selected areas of the Czech Republic  
M. Kolářová, L. Tyšer, J. Soukup
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 208-213abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Compost as growing media component for salt-sensitive plants

T.C.V. Do, H.W. Scherer
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 214-220abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Root growth and survivorship in cow manure and compost amended soils
E. Baldi, M. Toselli
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 221-226abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Amelioration of salt affected soils in rice paddy system by application of organic and inorganic amendments  

M. Shaaban, M. Abid, R.A.I. Abou-Shanab
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 227-233abstractdownload PDF

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