Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013)

No. 1
Original Paper
Soil water cycle and crop water use efficiency after long-term nitrogen fertilization in Loess Plateau
B. Wang, W. Liu, Q. Xue, T. Dang, C. Gao, J. Chen, B. Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 1-7abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The influence of land use practices on earthworm communities in saline agriculture soils of the west coast region of China’s Bohai Bay

Y. Tao, W. Gu, J. Chen, J. Tao, Y.J. Xu, H. Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 8-13abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Dynamics of methane fluxes from two peat bogs in the Ore Mountains, Czech Republic

L. Bohdálková, J. Čuřík, A.A. Kuběna, F. Bůzek
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 14-21abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Environmental advantages of binary mixtures of Trifolium incarnatum and Lolium multiflorum over individual pure stands
B. Kramberger, A. Gselman, M. Podvršnik, J. Kristl, M. Lešnik
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 22-28abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of cropping strategies on the irrigation water productivity of durum wheat

M.R. Khaledian, J.C. Mailhol, P. Ruelle, C. Dejean
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 29-36abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Drying of meadow fescue seeds of different moisture contents: Changes in dormancy and germination
R. Stanisavljević, J. Milenković, D. Djokić, D. Terzić, M. Petrović, L. Đukanović, D. Dodig
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 37-43abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Response of young apricot trees to natural zeolite, organic and inorganic fertilizers
T. Milošević, N. Milošević
Plant Soil Environ., 59 (2013): 44-49abstractdownload PDF

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