Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012)

No. 11
Silicon-induced increase in chlorophyll is modulated by the leaf water potential in two water-deficient tomato cultivars
O.N. Silva, A.K.S. Lobato, F.W. Ávila, R.C.L. Costa, C.F. Oliveira Neto, B.G. Santos Filho, A.P. Martins Filho, R.P. Lemos, J.M. Pinho, M.B.C.L. Medeiros, M.S. Cardoso, I.P. Andrade
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 481-486abstractdownload PDF
  Changes of three organic acids in the process of Cd and Pb phytoextraction by Helianthus annuus L.
Z.X. Niu, X.D. Li, L.N. Sun, T.H. Sun
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 487-494abstractdownload PDF
  Effects of compost on water availability and gas exchange in tomato during drought and recovery
T.-T. Nguyen, S. Fuentes, P. Marschner
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 495-502abstractdownload PDF
  Percolation in macropores and performance of large time-domain reflectometry sensors
F. Doležal, S. Matula, J.M. Moreira Barradas
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 503-507abstractdownload PDF
  Influence of injection nitrogen fertilization on yield and seed composition of winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)
L. Peklová, J. Balík, O. Kozlovský, O. Sedlář, K. Kubešová
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 508-513abstractdownload PDF
  Prediction of crude protein content in rice grain with canopy spectral reflectance
H. Zhang, T.Q. Song, K.L. Wang, G.X. Wang, H. Hu, F.P. Zeng
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 514-520abstractdownload PDF
  Response of brachiaria grass to selenium forms applied in a tropical soil
S.J. Ramos, F.W. Ávila, P.F. Boldrin, F.J. Pereira, E.M. Castro, V. Faquin, A.R. Reis, L.R.G. Guilherme
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 521-527abstractdownload PDF

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