Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012)

No. 1

Effects of urea types and irrigation on crop uptake, soil residual, and loss of nitrogen in maize field on the North China Plain

T. Ning, G.Q. Shao, Z.J. Li, H.F. Han, H.G. Hu, Y. Wang, S.Z. Tian
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 1-8abstractdownload PDF

The impact of post-anthesis nitrogen and water availability on yield formation of winter wheat

A. Madani, A.H. Makarem, F. Vazin, M. Joudi
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 9-14abstractdownload PDF

Antioxidant activity of grain of einkorn (Triticum mono-coccum L.), emmer (Triticum dicoccum Schuebl [Schrank]) and spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties

J. Lachman, M. Orsák, V. Pivec, K. Jírů
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 15-21abstractdownload PDF

Effects of high concentrations of soil arsenic on the growth of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L) and rape (Brassica napus)

Q. Liu, C. Zheng, C.X. Hu, Q. Tan, X.C. Sun, J.J. Su
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 22-27abstractdownload PDF
  Effects of tillage and residue management on soil microbial communities in North China
J.J. Wang, X.Y. Li, A.N. Zhu, X.K. Zhang, H.W. Zhang, W.J. Liang
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 28-33abstractdownload PDF
  Reactions of grape varieties to climate changes in North East Slovenia
S. Vršič, T. Vodovnik
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 34-41abstractdownload PDF
  Evaluating chemical extractants to estimate available potassium for pinto beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in some calcareous soils
A.R. Hosseinpur, M. Zarenia
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 42-48abstractdownload PDF
  A new simple method for the enumeration of nitrifying bacteria in different environments
Kh. Elbanna, R.M. El-Shahawy, K.M. Atalla
Plant Soil Environ., 58 (2012): 49-53abstractdownload PDF

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