Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011)

No. 3
Nitric oxide ameliorates stress responses in plants
A.N. Misra, M. Misra, R. Singh
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 95-100abstractdownload PDF
Antioxidant activity of enzymatic system of two different wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars growing under salt stress
W.M. Bhutta
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 101-107abstractdownload PDF
The arsenic speciation transformation in artificially arsenic-contaminated fluvo-aquic soil (Beijing, China)
X. Zeng, Q. He, L. Bai, L. Li, S. Su
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 108-114abstractdownload PDF
Effects of row spacing on soil water and water consumption of winter wheat under irrigated and rainfed conditions
X.B. Zhou, Y.H. Chen, Z. Ouyang
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 115-121abstractdownload PDF
Survival of Pseudomonas extremorientalis TSAU20 and P. chlororaphis TSAU13 in the rhizosphere of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) under saline conditions
D. Egamberdieva
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 122-127abstractdownload PDF
Influence of N, P, and K application on Zea mays L. growth and Cu and Pb accumulation
W.J. Xie, H.Y. Wang, J.B. Xia, Z.G. Yao
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 128-134abstractdownload PDF
Early evaluation of root morphology of maize genotypes under phosphorus deficiency
P.C. Magalhães, T.C. de Souza, F.R.O. Cantão
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 135-138abstractdownload PDF

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