Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011)

No. 11
Effects of root pruning on physico-chemical characteristics and biological properties of winter jujube rhizosphere soil
S.J. Yang, Z.Y. Du, Y. Yu, Z.L. Zhang, X.Y. Sun, S.J. Xing
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 493-498abstractdownload PDF
Effects of earthworms and mycorrhizal fungi on the growth of the medicinal herb Calendula officinalis (Asteraceae)
J.G. Zaller, F. Saccani, T. Frank
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 499-504abstractdownload PDF
Changes in species diversity and above-ground biomass of shrubland over long-term natural restoration process in the Taihang Mountain in North China
X. Liu, W. Zhang, Z. Liu, F. Qu, X. Tang
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 505-512abstractdownload PDF
Effect of long-term organic amendments on chemical and microbial properties of a luvisol
H.W. Scherer, D.J. Metker, G. Welp
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 513-518abstractdownload PDF
Effect of tungsten on growth, biochemical constituents, molybdenum and tungsten contents in wheat
A. Kumar, N.C. Aery
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 519-525abstractdownload PDF
The influence of citric acid on mobility of radium and metals accompanying uranium phytoextraction
J. Mihalík, P. Tlustoš, J. Száková
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 526-531abstractdownload PDF
Efficacy and selectivity of post-emergent application of flumioxazin and oxyfluorfen in sunflower
M. Jursík, J. Andr, J. Holec, J. Soukup
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 532-539abstractdownload PDF

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