Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010)

No. 7
The effect of different nitrogen nutrition on proline and asparagine content in plant
M. Neuberg, D. Pavlíková, M. Pavlík, J. Balík
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 305-311abstractdownload PDF
Effect of salinity and radiation on proline accumulation in seeds of canola (Brassica napus L.)
M. Ashrafijou, S.A. Sadat Noori, A. Izadi Darbandi, S. Saghafi
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 312-317abstractdownload PDF
Effect of salinity stress on mycorrhizal association and growth response of peanut infected by Glomus mosseae
A.S. Al-Khaliel
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 318-324abstractdownload PDF
NaCl salinity-induced changes in water status, ion contents and photosynthetic properties of Shepherdia argentea (Pursh) Nutt. seedlings
J. Qin, W.Y. Dong, K.N. He, Y. Yu, G.D. Tan, L. Han, M. Dong, Y.Y. Zhang, D. Zhang, A.Z. Li, Z.L. Wang
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 325-332abstractdownload PDF
Soil water potential effects on the cellulase activities of soil treated with sewage sludge
A.A.S. Sinegani, A. Mahohi
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 333-339abstractdownload PDF
Physiological regulation of high transpiration efficiency in winter wheat under drought conditions
S. Changhai, D. Baodi, Q. Yunzhou, L. Yuxin, S. Lei, L. Mengyu, L. Haipei
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 340-347abstractdownload PDF
Farmland management effects on the quality of surface soil during oasification in the southern rim of the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang, China
D.W. Gui, J.Q. Lei, F.J. Zeng
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 348-356abstractdownload PDF

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