Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010)

No. 6

Root distribution and yield responses of wheat/maize intercropping to alternate irrigation in the arid areas of northwest China  

C.H. Yang, Q. Chai, G.B. Huang
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 253-262abstractdownload PDF
Sorbitol-induced changes in various growth and biochemici parameters in maize
M. Jain, S. Tiwary, R. Gadre
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 263-267abstractdownload PDF
Effect of liming on microbial biomass carbon of acidic arenosols in pot experiments
T. Filep, T. Szili-Kovács
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 268-273abstractdownload PDF
The investigation of the alleviated effect of copper toxicity by exogenous nitric oxide in tomato plants
X.M. Cui, Y.K. Zhang, X.B. Wu, C.S. Liu
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 274-281abstractdownload PDF
Spatial and vertical distribution and pollution assessment of soil fluorine in a lead-zinc mining area in the Karst region of Guangxi, China
C. Zhang, Z. Li, M. Gu, C. Deng, M. Liu, L. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 282-287abstractdownload PDF
Spatial distribution and mapping of risk elements pollution in agricultural soils of southern Tehran, Iran
A. Hani, E. Pazira, M. Manshouri, S. Babaie Kafaky, M. Ghahroudi Tali
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 288-296abstractdownload PDF
Differences in available phosphorus evaluated by soil tests in relation to detection by colorimetric and ICP-AES techniques
J. Matula
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 297-304abstractdownload PDF

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