Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010)

No. 2
Growth and physiological performance responses to drought stress under non-flooded rice cultivation with straw mulching
J. Qin, X. Wang, F. Hu, H. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 51-59abstractdownload PDF
Comparison of heavy metal accumulation capacity of some indigenous mosses in Southwest China cities: a case study in Chengdu city
Y.E. Chen, S. Yuan, Y.Q. Su, L. Wang
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 60-66abstractdownload PDF
Effect of water stress at different growth stages on quantity and quality traits of Virginia (flue-cured) tobacco type
M.H. Biglouei, M.H. Assimi, A. Akbarzadeh
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 67-75abstractdownload PDF
Effect of heavy metals on soil respiration during decomposition of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) trash in different soils
R.K. Verma, D.V. Yadav, C.P. Singh, A. Suman, A. Gaur
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 76-81abstractdownload PDF
Identification of Triticum aestivum L., Triticum spelta L. and Triticum durum DESF. genotypes on the HMW-GS base
V. Oslovičová, Z. Gálová, M. Chňapek, Ž. Balážová
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 82-86abstractdownload PDF
Soil degradation: a problem threatening the sustainable development of agriculture in Northeast China
X.B. Liu, X.Y. Zhang, Y.X. Wang, Y.Y. Sui, S.L. Zhang, S.J. Herbert, G. Ding
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 87-97abstractdownload PDF

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