Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010)

No. 1
Plant and row spacing effects on soil water and yield of rainfed summer soybean in the northern China
X.B. Zhou, G.M. Yang, S.J. Sun, Y.H. Chen
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 1-7abstractdownload PDF
Fate of applied urea 15N in a soil-maize system as affected by urease inhibitor and nitrification inhibitor
L. Zhang, Z. Wu, Y. Jiang, L. Chen, Y. Song, L. Wang, J. Xie, X. Ma
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 8-15abstractdownload PDF
Effects of wheat straw application on methane and nitrous oxide emissions from purplish paddy fields
Y. Wang, C. Hu, B. Zhu, H. Xiang, X. He
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 16-22abstractdownload PDF
Agrochemical value of the liquid phase of wastes from fermentem during biogas production
L. Kolář, S. Kužel, J. Peterka, J. Borová-Batt
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 23-27abstractdownload PDF

Mineral and organic fertilization efficiency in long-term stationary experiments

J. Černý, J. Balík, M. Kulhánek, K. Čásová, V. Nedvěd
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 28-36abstractdownload PDF
Phenotypic and alpha-acid content diversity of wild hop populations in Croatia
S. Srečec, V. Zechner-Krpan, V. Petravić-Tominac, A. Čerenak, Z. Liber, Z. Šatović
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 37-42abstractdownload PDF
Effect of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) treatment with brassinosteroids on the content of cadmium and lead in plant aerial biomass and grain
M. Kroutil, A. Hejtmánková, J. Lachman
Plant Soil Environ., 56 (2010): 43-50abstractdownload PDF

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