Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009)

No. 3
Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on uptake of Zn and P by two contrasting rice genotypes
R. Hajiboland, N. Aliasgharzad, R. Barzeghar
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 93-100abstractdownload PDF
Effect of long-term application of manure and mineral fertilizers on nitrogen mineralization and microbial biomass in paddy soil during rice growth stages
J. Zhang, J. Qin, W. Yao, L. Bi, T. Lai, X. Yu
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 101-109abstractdownload PDF
Spatial variability and affecting factors of soil nutrients in croplands of Northeast China: a case study in Dehui County
Z.M. Wang, K.S. Song, B. Zhang, D.W. Liu, X.Y. Li, C.Y. Ren, S.M. Zhang, L. Luo, C.H. Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 110-120abstractdownload PDF
Measurements of the actual evapotranspiration and crop coefficients of summer and winter seasons crops in Japan
P. Attarod, M. Aoki
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 121-127abstractdownload PDF
Physiological mechanism contributing to efficient use of water in field tomato under different irrigation
S. Lei, Q. Yunzhou, J. Fengchao, S. Changhai, Y. Chao, L. Yuxin, L. Mengyu, D. Baodi
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 128-133abstractdownload PDF
Multiplicative yield component analysis: what does it offer to cereal agronomists and breeders
M. Kozak, M.R. Verma
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 134-138abstractdownload PDF

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