Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007)

No. 7
Mycorrhizal infection ameliorates chlorophyll content and nutrient uptake of lettuce exposed to saline irrigation
P. Zuccarini
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 283-289abstractdownload PDF
Step-by-step morpho-physiological responses of Arachis hypogaea L. cv. NC 2 to iron deficiency
A. Gholizadeh, B. Baghban Kohnehrouz, H. Hekmatshoar
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 290-298abstractdownload PDF
Effect of perforated foil and polypropylene fibre covers on assimilation leaf area of early potato cultivars
W. Wadas, E. Kosterna
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 299-305abstractdownload PDF
Agricultural drought and spring barley yields in the Czech Republic
M. Trnka, P. Hlavinka, D. Semerádová, M. Dubrovský, Z. Žalud, M. Možný
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 306-316abstractdownload PDF
Renaturation of telomere-binding proteins after the fractionation by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
G. Rotková
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 317-320abstractdownload PDF
Mapping of non-recombining regions via molecular markers
B. Janoušek, J. Žlůvová
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 321-324abstractdownload PDF
Chromosomal rearrangements in Arabidopsis mutants revealed by repeated FISH
P. Mokroš
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 325-328abstractdownload PDF

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