Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007)

No. 2
Dehydrogenases, urease and phosphatases activities of soil contaminated with fungicides
E. Jastrzębska, J. Kucharski
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 51-57abstractdownload PDF
Effects of Bacillus FS-3 on growth of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) plants and availability of phosphorus in soil
M. Turan, N. Ataoglu, F. Sahin
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 58-64abstractdownload PDF
Seedling treatments and phosphorus solution concentrations affect nodulation and nodule functions in soybean (Glycine max L.)
S.J. Miao, X.Z. Han, X.B. Liu, Y.F. Qiao
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 65-71abstractdownload PDF
The greenhouse provocation test for determination of resistance to potato common scab [Streptomyces scabiei (ex Thaxter 1982) Lambert and Loria 1989]
J. Domkářová, B. Vokál, V. Horáčková, J. Brož
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 72-80abstractdownload PDF
Effect of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations on growth and yield of blackgram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper) - a rainfed pulse crop
M. Vanaja, P. Raghuram Reddy, N. Jyothi Lakshmi, M. Maheswari, P. Vagheera, P. Ratnakumar, M. Jyothi, S.K. Yadav, B. Venkateswarlu
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 81-88abstractdownload PDF
The influence of gypsum treatment on the acquirement of nutrients from soils by barley
J. Matula, M. Pechova
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 89-96abstractdownload PDF

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