Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006)

No. 4

Effect of manganese on cadmium toxicity in maize seedlings

P. Paľove-Balang, A. Kisová, J. Pavlovkin, I. Mistrík
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 143-149abstractdownload PDF
Yield and yield components responses of old and new soybean cultivars to source-sink manipulation under light enrichment
X. Liu, S.J. Herbert, A.M. Hashemi, G.V. Litchfield, Q. Zhang, A.R. Barzegar
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 150-158abstractdownload PDF
Role of cytokinins in growth correlations between roots and stems in pea (Pisum sativum L.) seedlings
H. Fišerová, J. Šebánek, J. Hradilík, P. Doležel, H. Vítková
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 159-163abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of certain rainfed food and oil seed crops for their response to elevated CO2 at vegetative stage
M. Vanaja, P. Vagheera, P. Ratnakumar, N. Jyothi lakshmi, P. Raghuram Reddy, S.K. Yadav, M. Maheswari, B. Venkateswarlu
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 164-170abstractdownload PDF
Association analysis of some morphological traits of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under field stress conditions
W.M. Bhutta, M. Ibrahim, Tahira
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 171-177abstractdownload PDF
Soybean (Glycine max) seed growth characteristics in response to light enrichment and shading
X. Liu, S.J. Herbert, K. Baath, A.M. Hashemi
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 178-185abstractdownload PDF
Effect of osmotic stress on compatible solutes content, membrane stability and water relationsin two maize cultivars
P. Valentovič, M. Luxová, L. Kolarovič, O. Gašparíková
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 186-191abstractdownload PDF

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