Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006)

No. 2
Competition between triticale (Triticosecale Witt.) and field beans (Vicia faba var. minor L.) in additive intercrops
P. Sobkowicz
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 47-54abstractdownload PDF
Dissolved organic carbon and dissolved nitrogen in soil under different fertilization treatments
S.S. Gonet, B. Debska
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 55-63abstractdownload PDF
The Cd mobility in incubated sewage sludge after ameliorative materials additions
A. Hanč, P. Tlustoš, J. Száková, J. Balík
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 64-71abstractdownload PDF
Sulphur supply to peas (Pisum sativum L.) influences symbiotic N2 fixation
H.W. Scherer, S. Pacyna, N. Manthey, M. Schulz
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 72-77abstractdownload PDF
Effect of selenium foliar application on its content in winter wheat grain
L. Ducsay, O. Ložek
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 78-82download PDF
The influence of modified pratotechnics of unmanaged grasslands on the amount of mineral nitrogen in lysimetric waters of the rhizosphere
J. Fiala
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 83-87abstractdownload PDF

Nitrate uptake and N allocation in Triticum aestivum L. and Triticum durum Desf. seedlings

M. Trčková, Z. Stehno, I. Raimanová
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 88-96abstractdownload PDF

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