Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006)

No. 10
The effect of inoculation of pea plants with mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium on nitrogen and phosphorus assimilation
M. Geneva, G. Zehirov, E. Djonova, N. Kaloyanova, G. Georgiev, I. Stancheva
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 435-440abstractdownload PDF
New Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii isolates: Evaluation of competitiveness for clover nodule occupancy
T. Šimon, J. Salava
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 441-448abstractdownload PDF
Effects of growing methods and plant age on the yield, and on the content of flavonoids and phenolic acids in Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench.
Z. Seemannová, I. Mistríková, Š. Vaverková
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 449-453abstractdownload PDF
Silybum marianum in vitro-flavonolignan production
L. Tůmová, J. Řimáková, J. Tůma, J. Dušek
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 454-458abstractdownload PDF
Ecobiological study of medicinal plants in some regions of Serbia
D. Obratov-Petković, I. Popović, S. Belanović, R. Kadović
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 459-467abstractdownload PDF
Estimation of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) forage quality parameters dependingon the variety, cut and growing year
J. Drobná, J. Jančovič
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 468-475abstractdownload PDF
Ion accumulation in different organs of green bean genotypes grown under salt stress 
F. Yasar, O. Uzal, S. Tufenkci, K. Yildiz
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 476-480abstractdownload PDF
Comparison of citation databases SCOPUS and Web of Science:Czech and Slovak agricultural and related disciplines – Information
P. Boldiš
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 481-484download PDF

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