Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005)

No, 7
Silage maize (Zea mays L.) seedlings emergence as influenced by soil compaction treatments and contact pressures
O.F. Taser, O. Kara
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 289-295abstractdownload PDF
Separation of soil and canopy reflectance signatures of Mid German agricultural soils
T. Behrens, K. Gregor, W. Diepenbrock
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 296-303abstractdownload PDF
Chlortoluron behavior in five different soil types
M. Kočárek, R. Kodešová, J. Kozák, O. Drábek, O. Vacek
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 304-309abstractdownload PDF
Single and dual-permeability models of chlorotoluron transport in the soil profile
R. Kodešová, J. Kozák, J. Šimůnek, O. Vacek
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 310-315abstractdownload PDF
Mobility of lead, zinc and cadmium in alluvial soils heavily polluted by smelting industry
A. Vaněk, L. Borůvka, O. Drábek, M. Mihaljevič, M. Komárek
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 316-321abstractdownload PDF
Trichoderma and sulphoethyl glucan reduce maize root rot infestation and fusaric acid content
A. Šrobárová, Š. Eged
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 322-327abstractdownload PDF
Effect of zinc application on quality traits of barley in semi arid zones of Turkey
G. Kinaci, E. Kinaci
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 328-334abstractdownload PDF

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