Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005)

No. 2
Resistance to salinity stress and available water levels at the seedling stage of the common vetch (Vicia sativa L.)
A. Orak, E. Ateş
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 51-56abstractdownload PDF
The antioxidative response of two tomato species with different drought tolerances as a result of drought and cadmium stress combinations
S. Ünyayar, Y. Keleş, F.Ö. Çekiç
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 57-64abstractdownload PDF
Alleles controlling apple skin colour and incompatibility in new Czech apple varieties with different degrees of resistance against Venturia inaequalis CKE.
M. Melounová, P. Vejl, P. Sedlák, J. Blažek, J. Zoufalá, Z. Milec, H. Blažková
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 65-73abstractdownload PDF
The evaluation method of potato genotype resistance to blackspot bruise
J. Domkářová, B. Vokál
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 74-81abstractdownload PDF
Characterisation of resistance genes resources against late blight available for Czech potato breeding by means of selected DNA markers
P. Sedlák, P. Vejl, M. Melounová, P. Křenek, J. Domkářová, J. Zoufalá
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 82-86abstractdownload PDF
The effect of plant growth regulators and chlorsulfuron on electrophoretic profiles of soluble proteins, polypeptides and antioxidant enzymes in maize seedlings
D. Nedeva, S. Petkova, Y. Angelova, L. Iliev
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 87-93abstractdownload PDF
The trnL-F plastid DNA characters of three Poa pratensis (Kentucky bluegrass) varieties
S.D. Stoneberg Holt, L. Horová, P. Bureš, J. Janeček, V. Černoch
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 94-99abstractdownload PDF

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