Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004)

No. 8
Field and numerical study of chlorotoluron transport in the soil profile
R. Kodešová, J. Kozák, O. Vacek
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 333-338abstractdownload PDF
Heavy metal distribution between fractions of humic substances in heavily polluted soils
L. Borůvka, O. Drábek
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 339-345abstractdownload PDF
Distribution of aluminium among its mobilizable forms in soils of the Jizera Mountains region
L. Mládková, L. Borůvka, O. Drábek
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 346-351abstractdownload PDF
Processing of conventional soil survey data using geostatistical methods
V. Penížek, L. Borůvka
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 352-357abstractdownload PDF
Effect of kaolinite and Ca-montmorillonite on the alleviation of soil water repellency
P. Dlapa, S.H. Doerr, Ľ. Lichner, M. Šír, M. Tesař
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 358-363abstractdownload PDF
Successional dynamics of Cynosurus pasture after abandonment in Podkrkonoší
M. Stránská
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 364-370abstractdownload PDF
Influence of weed infestation on morphological parameters of maize (Zea mays L.)
P. Fuksa, J. Hakl, D. Kocourková, M. Veselá
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 371-378abstractdownload PDF
Comparison of two methods for aggregate stability measurement – a review
M. Rohošková, M. Valla
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 379-382abstractdownload PDF

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