Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003)

No. 3
Detection of the varietal purity in sample of harvested wheat and triticale grains by prolamin marker
T. Vyhnánek, J. Bednář
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 95-98abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of protein fractions as biochemical markers for identification of spelt wheat cultivars (Triticum spelta L.)
V. Dvořáček, V. Čurn
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 99-105abstractdownload PDF

Evaluation of genetic diversity of Brassica napus germplasm from China and Europe assessed by RAPD markers

S.W. Hu, J. Ovesná, L. Kučera, V. Kučera, M. Vyvadilová
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 106-113abstractdownload PDF
The effect of parsley seed hydration treatment and pelleting on seed vigour
S. Podlaski, Z. Chrobak, Z. Wyszkowska
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 114-118abstractdownload PDF
Dynamics of stand composition changes in grass and grass-clover stands and relations between dominant species
P. Matušinsky, F. Hrabě
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 119-125abstractdownload PDF
Changes in the germinability and vigour of winter triticale seeds with sprouting damage
M. Moś
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 126-130abstractdownload PDF
The influence of selected cultivation on the content of total protein and amino acids in the potato tubers
J. Mitrus, C. Stankiewicz, E. Steć, M. Kamecki, J. Starczewski
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 131-134abstractdownload PDF
The effect of UV-B radiation on plant growth and development
K. Zuk-Golaszewska, M.K. Upadhyaya, J. Golaszewski
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 135-140abstractdownload PDF

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