Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003)

No. 2
The impacts of various cultivation methods and permanent grassland use on the changes in Taraxacum officinale Web. cover rate
F. Klimeš, L. Kolář, M. Kobes, B. Voženílková
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 49-54abstractdownload PDF
The influence of the type of storage on pest infestation of stored grain in the Czech Republic
V. Stejskal, J. Hubert, Z. Kučerová, Z. Munzbergová, J. Lukáš, E. Žďárková
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 55-62abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of sanitary status of grapevines in the Czech Republic
P. Komínek, V. Holleinová
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 63-66abstractdownload PDF
Earliness, spike productivity and protein content in European winter wheat landraces and obsolete cultivars
L. Dotlačil, J. Hermuth, Z. Stehno
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 67-74abstractdownload PDF
Influence of droplet spectra on the efficiency of contact and systemic herbicides
M. Prokop, K. Veverka
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 75-80abstractdownload PDF
Change in the community of epigeal spiders and harvestmen (Araneae, Opiliones) with the age of an apple orchard
S. Pekár
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 81-88abstractdownload PDF
Germination and emergence of prickly lettuce (Lactuca serriola L.) and its susceptibility to selected herbicides
J. Mikulka, D. Chodová
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 89-94abstractdownload PDF

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