Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003)

No. 1
Effect of accelerated ageing on the content and composition of polyphenolic complex of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grains
J. Lachman, J. Dudjak, M. Orsák, V. Pivec
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 1-7abstractdownload PDF
A method to determine mineralization kinetics of a decomposable part of soil organic matter in the soil
L. Kolář, F. Klimeš, R. Ledvina, S. Kužel
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 8-11abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of size distribution of starch granules in selected wheat varieties by the Low Angle Laser Light Scattering method
I. Capouchová, J. Petr, D. Marešová
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 12-17abstractdownload PDF
Influence of different systems of grazing, type of swards and fertilizing on underground phytomass of pastures
S. Hejduk, F. Hrabě
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 18-23abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of the genetic variability in bamboo using RAPD markers
S. Nayak, G.R. Rout, P. Das
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 24-28abstractdownload PDF
The impact of maize stand density on herbicide efficiency
M. Lešnik
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 29-35abstractdownload PDF
Dry matter and nitrogen accumulation and use in spring barley
N. Przulj, V. Momčilović
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 36-47abstractdownload PDF
International Pedological Conference Soils under Global Change – a Challenge for the 21st Century: From the Sphere of Science
K. Voplakal, J. Vopravil
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 48-48download PDF

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