Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002)

No. 7
Physiological nature of overwintering oats forms
J. Petr, I. Capouchová, M. Štolcová
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 285-292abstractdownload PDF
Barley seed sensitivity to water stress at germination stage
V. Hosnedl, H. Honsová
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 293-297abstractdownload PDF
The effect of leaf area index on potatoes yield in soils contaminated by some heavy metals
M. Jůzl, M. Štefl
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 298-306abstractdownload PDF
The effect of nitrogen fertilization, sowing rates and site on yields and yield components of selected varieties of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)
Z. Strašil, Z. Vorlíček
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 307-311abstractdownload PDF
Induction of resistance to root rot disease of wheat grown under field condition
M. Hashem, A.M. Hamada
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 312-317abstractdownload PDF
Identification of sex in F1 progenies of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) by molecular marker
J. Patzak, P. Vejl, S. Skupinová, V. Nesvadba
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 318-321abstractdownload PDF
To contemplate quantitative and qualitative water features by neural networks method
M. Neruda, R. Neruda
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 322-326abstractdownload PDF
Jednotná klasifikace půd
J. Němeček
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 327-328download PDF

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