Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002)

No. 3
The effect of rainfall and extensive use of grasslands on water regime
R. Duffková
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 89-95abstractdownload PDF
Cadmium distribution coefficeints and Cd transport in structured soils
Ľ. Lichner, A. Čipáková
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 96-100abstractdownload PDF
Gibberellin and auxin production by plant root-fungi and their biosynthesis under salinity-calcium interaction
H.A.H. Hasan
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 101-106abstractdownload PDF
Assessment of metribuzin effects on potatoes using a method of very rapid fluorescence induction
J. Dvořák, I. Remešová
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 107-117abstractdownload PDF
Crop response to the application of special natural amendments based on zeolite tuff
A. Butorac, T. Filipan, F. Bašić, J. Butorac, M. Mesić, I. Kisić
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 118-124abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of the CERES models in different production regions of the Czech Republic
M. Šťastná, M. Trnka, J. Křen, M. Dubrovský, Z. Žalud
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 125-132abstractdownload PDF
The influence of special natural amendments based on zeolite tuff and different lime materials on some soil chemical properties
A. Butorac, M. Mesić, T. Filipan, J. Butorac, F. Bašić, I. Kisić
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 133-139abstractdownload PDF

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