Manuscript Handling Fee

What is the Open Access Publication?

Nowadays, readers pay to access articles either through subscription or by paying a fee each time they download an article. With the escalation of journal subscription charges, libraries may subscribe to fewer journals and hence this may limit the range of articles available to readers. Open access model of publication allows all interested readers to view, download, print, and redistribute any article without a subscription which may enable far greater distribution of an author’s work. Through Open access model the scientific community and the general public can immediately access all content published in the journals for free as soon as it is published on the Internet.

Why the Manuscript handling fee is charged?

All the journals of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences are published within the Open Access model. However, Open access publishing is not without costs. As we do not sell online subscription, we need to defray its editorial and production costs by collecting Manuscript handling fee (MHF) from authors who intend to publish their articles by an Open Access model.

What funding sources are available for authors?

Many institutions, funding and government agencies and foundations help the authors to cover author the Manuscript handling fee. Some funders allow manuscript handling fee to be included as line items on a grant, some deans and/or department heads, or a co-author’s grant, may have discretionary funds available for Open Access publishing, or publishing in general.

How much is the Manuscript handling fee?

Manuscript handling fee (for all categories of manuscripts submitted since January 1, 2018):
320 EUR/article or 8 000 CZK (authors from the Czech Republic).
The price does not include VAT.

Page overlap fee

In case the manuscript extent exceeds the standard size (set by the Instructions to Authors of the journal), then the “page overlap fee” is charged:

30 EUR (750 CZK)/5 000 characters (including spaces) in original text file.

Who is responsible for the MHF and Overlap fee payment?

The person who submits the manuscript is responsible for the MHF and Overlap fee payment.

When is payment due?

Payment is due when the manuscript is accepted for publication. The authors will receive the Payment Information with the Approval Letter.

Note: Registration of Sales
According to the ACT of 16 March 2016 on Registration on Sales No. 112/2016 Coll., Section 12 (c),  the sales of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences  are extempted from the Registration of Sales.

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